SuperStars Rewards Program

  • Earning Points
  • Redeeming Points
  • Affiliate Program
  • Guidelines

  • We understand the importance of loyalty because ChutingStar was built on it. As a way to thank our customers that keep coming back, we launched a new rewards program, called SuperStars. We want to be your gear shop for as long as you are in the sport.

    SuperStars are points earned on products you purchase or for engaging as part of the ChutingStar community. To be able to earn or redeem points, you will need to be logged in to your account. Points are accumulated with each purchase you make until you decide to spend them. You can check your balance through My Rewards from your Account Dashboard.

    Earning Points
    Points can be earned by engaging in the site in different ways. We will add new ways to earn points and communicate the program updates through our site, social media or a newsletter.

    500 Points for creating an online account.
    250 Points when you sign up for our ChutingStar Newsletter.
    100 Points for sharing your purchase on Facebook. Scroll to the bottom of the "Thank You" page to click on the Facebook Sharing button.
    50 Points for each approved product review. For tips in writing a review, check out the Product Review Guidelines.
    1 Point for every $1.00 spent on product purchases (taxes and shipping excluded).
    1000 Points for a referred new customer's first online order and 100% Points Match for every order after (See Affiliate Program details below).

    Redeeming Points
    100 points equal $1.00. You will be able to apply your points against your purchase when you are checking out.

    Note: To spend your points, you must be on the full Shopping Cart page, which you can get to by clicking Edit Cart from the dropdown mini-cart, or by clicking Edit Your Cart, if you have proceeded further along in checkout. Once on the Shopping Cart page, there are drop down menu items to the right under the title Cart Summary (in desktop view), or below the products (in mobile view). Click on Spend Your Points to see how many points you have earned, and to use the points you want to spend on your current order. If you need any help, check out the Checkout the video "How-to Video".

    Affiliate Program
    Every current ChutingStar customer with an online account can earn Rewards Points in the ChutingStar Affiliate Program.

    To get started, click on the My Referrals link when viewing your My Account section online. You'll see three different ways to share your unique affiliate code with potential new ChutingStar customers.
    • Your Referral URL can be shared for a potential new online ChutingStar customer to click on. That link will take the customer directly to the Create an Account page with your code already filled in.
    • Your Referral Code can be given out for a new customer to manually type into the Referral Code section when on the Create An Account page.
    • Your Referral Email can be given out for a new customer to manually type into the Referral Code section when on the Create An Account page.
    Your Referral information will not change and is unique to your Account. You can share with as many people, and in any way, you wish.

    To earn points, the customer must not already be a ChutingStar customer with a account. This program is geared toward introducing new customers to the awesomeness of ChutingStar! When the new customer registers online for the first time, they must have your unique code in the box on the Create an Account page. If they don't, we can't retroactively associate them with your account.

    After the customer has created an account online at with your unique referral code, you will then earn 1000 points for their first order and 100% matching points for every order after! Orders that earn points must be placed online by each customer while logged into their account on Guest checkouts are not eligible for Rewards Points.

    For more detailed info on the program with images of the Referral Program area in My Account and where new customers enter your unique referral code, see our blog article at this link.

    In order to earn points, you must be logged into your account. There is a notice at checkout that informs you that you are not logged in. You will have the opportunity at that time to login to your account.
    • Points will expire one year after earning them.
    • Points are deposited once the order has shipped. If you cancel your order, the points will be removed.
    • Points cannot be earned on eGift Cards but points can be redeemed on product purchases where an eGift Card is used as a form of payment.
    • Points are applied after coupons and other promotional discounts.
    • Points will be lost or accounts suspended if the program is abused.
    If you have questions about your Rewards, please Contact Us.