Ragged Mounts Mudflap Altimeter Mount

Ragged Mounts Mudflap Altimeter Mount

Ragged Mounts Mudflap Altimeter Mount
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Ragged Mounts Mudflap Altimeter Mount.

Now available with a flat or angled plate and either solid or pre-drilled for the Alti-2 Altimaster Galaxy Altimeter!

The Ragged Mounts Mudflap Altimeter Mount is a great and inexpensive solution for mounting a visual altimeter to your rig that you can see hands-free. Can also be used to mount a camera, such as a GoPro.

This bracket mount slips onto the ring covers or mudflaps on the front of your skydiving harness. Two Velcro straps lock the mount in place so your altimeter or camera is in the same place every time regardless of body position.

Most importantly, the Ragged Mounts Mudflap Altimeter Mount is designed not to interfere with the operation of the 3-ring release system or cutaway handles.

Fits most containers with straight mudflaps. Assembly to your rig and mounting of your altimeter or camera required by the user.

Manufactured with 6061 Aluminum.

The Flat versions can be used on either mudflap. The Drilled versions are specifically made to fit the Alti-2 Galaxy altimeter. The Angled versions are based on the mudflap side. So if you want to mount it on your right, choose the Angled Right, and it'll be angled toward you. Or to have it angled toward you with it mounted on the left, choose the Angled Left.

Setups Available:

  • Flat - Drilled Plate 

  • Flat - Solid Plate

  • Angled Right - Drilled Plate

  • Angled Right - Solid Plate

  • Angled Left - Drilled Plate

  • Angled Left - Solid Plate

Detail Information

SizeOne Size Fits All
Mounting Sides PossibleLeft, Right


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Ragged Mounts Mudflap Altimeter Mount
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