HypEye D Pro (200 mm)

HypEye D Pro (200 mm)

HypEye D Pro (200 mm)
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The HYPEYE D PRO Camcorder Indication and Control System is specifically made for skydivers.

The HYPEYE D PRO connects to Sony camcorders through the D/AV half-moon interface. The HYPEYE D PRO provides features and functionality never before seen in any camcorder controller. Its super-bright, intuitive, three LED indication system keeps you informed of your camcorder's status even when facing the sun!

This is the new 200 mm 'D' cable length. The 200mm 'D' cable version for helmets where the button is mounted close to the camera. This is great for mounting the HYPEYE D PRO on the box of the camera or on a handcam glove. See the photo with the two HypEye D Pro units in it for a reference on the shorter length for the 200mm version.

Features for the HYPEYE D PRO include:

  • Push button to power on/off & start/stop recording;

  • Toggle between record & playback modes;

  • Debrief jack for non-intrusive video viewing;

  • Push button protection against accidental activation;

  • Zoom Memory; External audio sourcing;

  • Nylon threaded mounting hole;

  • and Adjustable LED brightness.

The list of compatible camcorders can be found under the Additional Info tab.

Add the optional HYPEYE D PRO EXPANSION KIT or HYPEYE D PRO PHOTO KIT from ChutingStar.com.

The expansion kit allows users to: While recording, capture still pictures onto your camcorder by using an external switch (Standard 2.5mm bite or tongue switch will work); Use your camcorder as a dedicated still camera; Interface to L&B Optima audible for visual altitude warning indication; Custom push button interface; and Includes the HYPEYE D PRO DEBRIEF CABLE.

The HYPEYE D PRO DEBRIEF CABLE allows you to debrief through the HYPEYE D PRO without dismounting your camcorder. It's a must for teams in training. The new HypEye D Photo Kit includes the part of the expansion kit for converting your HYPEYE D PRO and your Sony Camcorder into a picture taking device. Simply install this kit into the HYPEYE D PRO, add your favorite shutter release or bite switch, and you successfully converted your camcorder into a still camera.

The HypEye D Pro Photo Kit includes:

  • HYPEYE D PRO Shutter Connector with a 2.5mm stereo plug

  • HYPEYE D PRO Debrief Cable

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HypEye D Pro (200 mm)