UPT PD VR-360 Tandem Reserve Canopy (Custom in 28-30 weeks)

UPT PD VR-360 Tandem Reserve Canopy (Custom in 28-30 weeks)

UPT PD VR-360 Tandem Reserve Canopy (Custom in 28-30 weeks)
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UPT PD VR-360 Tandem Reserve Canopy.

This reserve canopy, made by Performance Designs exclusively for United Parachute Technologies, is the preferred choice for use with Sigma and Micro Sigma Tandem Containers.

Available in the 360 square feet size and the same size is used in both the Sigma and Micro Sigma containers.

The VR-360 has an approved gross weight limit of 500 lbs., which is approximately 50 pounds of gear and 450 pounds of jumper weight.

Per UPT, the VR-360 is the only reserve canopy endorsed for use in the Sigma and Micro Sigma containers:

We will never endorse the use of any other reserve tandem canopy than the VR-360 in the Sigma/Micro Sigma tandem system for the following reasons. The specifics of Sigma/Micro Sigma tandem operation can be affected by many components. One example; our drogues are designed to be shorter than the canopy lines so when a reserve is deployed while the drogue is attached, the Kevlar bridle will not damage the deploying reserve. This is just one of many criteria that we have. The other side of the coin is that we have no control of any other manufacturer's product. Example; other reserves have blown up in the past from tandem terminal openings. Ours is designed to open at terminal, hence the deep brake settings. I personally know that there are some good tandem reserve canopies, but we cannot take responsibility for their products in the same way they will not do this for ours. When a change is made with regards to components, it is the responsibility of the users. Because of the nature of Tandem jumping, the tandem is perceived as a system unlike sport containers. When something goes wrong with any component we are blamed or sued. ~ UPT

To place an order for a custom UPT PD VR-360 Tandem Reserve Canopy, add this canopy to your online cart with payment.

Note: In-stock, pre-built VR-360 reserve canopies may be available on an immediate turnaround time. Contact ChutingStar for UPT PD VR-360 Reserve Canopy stock info.

Detail Information

Cell Count9 cell
Fabric TypeF-111
Line Types525 Dacron
Link Types5 Stainless Steel
Canopy Performance LevelAdvanced
Canopy ShapeSquare
Slider GrommetsStainless
Slider TypesStandard
Canopy TypeReserve
Colors Available


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UPT PD VR-360 Tandem Reserve Canopy (Custom in 28-30 weeks)