The Parachute and its Pilot Book

The Parachute and its Pilot Book

The Parachute and its Pilot Book
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The Parachute and its Pilot by Brian Germain is the most complete resource for canopy flight information.

Now in its 5th Edition!

Whether you are a new jumper looking for further your education or an expert canopy pilot seeking tips on advancing your techniques, this book has something for you. The book is jam-packed with information compiled over 20 years of skydiving experience, and offers technical yet very straight-forward explanations of ram air parachute flight.

Written by one of the industry's leading parachute designers, The Parachute and its Pilot is a must-have handbook for every skydiver.

As the title suggests, there is a bi-fold focus of subject matter. The first part is about parachutes and flight techniques, everything right from the beginning up through competition approaches. The second part is about the psychology of flight; from fear response and ego issues through visualization.

"This is a much-needed, milestone book written by the parachute industry's foremost canopy designer. Brian combines the exceptional knowledge of canopy design with a unique ability to explain how to squeeze maximum performance out of any ram-air canopy." Dan Poynter, Author of The Parachute Manual

"This book covers the fundamentals of canopy flight and carefully explains advanced techniques in a way that's easy to understand and put into practice. It contains essential information to further your development as a canopy pilot." Jonathan Tagle, World Champion Canopy Pilot

“Brian's unique ability to combine a clearly defined technical explanation with his own self-realized Zen approach to flying offers the reader a truly comprehensive insight into the experience that is canopy piloting.” Jay Moledzki, World Champion Canopy Pilot

"The Parachute and its Pilot is the best book on the topic of ram air parachutes for all skill levels. It can make a huge difference in your development as a canopy pilot." Shannon Pilcher World Champion Canopy Pilot

Chapters include Flight Modes, Flying in Turbulence, Landing, High Speed Approaches and Landings, Fear and Learning, Teaching Flight, and more.

The Parachute and its Pilot, 5th Edition. Softbound, 165 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches. 

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A must for all skydivers, from student to expert.
I bought this book while I was laid up from an injury from a bad landing (still a student jumper)... Now that I have read this book, I have a much better understanding of canopy piloting, and I look forward to implementing what I have learned towards better landings and piloting.
Review by Angela / (Posted on 2/13/2017)
This is a must have book for any canopy pilot
Big book with big font and lots of space to write notes. Use the space. You never stop learning and this book is great for that. I find myself constantly rereading sections of this book and jotting down notes in it. Brian does a great job of breaking down the complex world of canopy piloting such that any jumper can easily grasp and employee the concepts.
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 11/5/2015)
good bit of knowledge
great book to learn a bit more about your canopy.great for beginners and a good read for advanced pilots.
Review by Eugene / (Posted on 8/20/2013)
The Parachute and its Pilot Book