Squirrel EPICENE PRO Main Parachute Canopy (6-8 Weeks)

Squirrel EPICENE PRO Main Parachute Canopy (6-8 Weeks)

Squirrel EPICENE PRO Main Parachute Canopy (6-8 Weeks)
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Contact the ChutingStar Skydiving Crew for help choosing the correct type and size of canopy. Please read the ordering instructions in the description below.

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EPICENE PRO Ultra-Low-Bulk Wingsuit Skydiving Main Parachute from Squirrel!

Note: Please read the ordering instructions in the description below for links to the Squirrel Design Program.

  • For skydivers of all skill levels

  • Best in class opening behavior

  • Improved flare performance

  • Improved glide performance

  • Lowest pack volume in its class

  • Super easy packing

The EPICENE PRO delivers consistent and reliable openings, with improved glide and flare performance.

The EPICENE series is the most popular choice among the world's best wingsuit pilots, with a reputation for the best openings in wingsuit skydiving.

Since 2014, Squirrel has listened to feedback from its team and customers, and the EPICENE PRO is the result.

Squirrel believes the EPICENE concept is the future of wingsuit skydive parachute design, and some of the world's best skydivers agree: Andy Farrington, Noah Bahnson, Mike Swanson, Luke Aikins, Jeffro Provenzano, Katie Hansen, Petter Jönsson, and the Squirrel Team all jump the EPICENE series by choice.


The Epicene series was designed from the ground up to deliver the most reliable openings possible, specifically for modern wingsuit skydiving use. The Epicene series provides incredibly consistent on-heading openings in a comparatively short amount of altitude.


The Epicene was the first canopy of its kind, first released in 2014. It is a tried and true 7 cell design that is built with the highest quality materials available today. Thanks to the ultra-light low-bulk Porcher Sport PN9 material on the main surfaces and ribs, it is very easy to pack. The material lays flat quickly and is highly formable with no propensity to expand or squirm out of your control during the fold and reduction process. Its overall pack volume is around 30% less than ZP canopy designs depending on size and type.


Piloting the Epicene is straightforward and fun. It has a sporty and compact feel in the air, with direct control inputs and progressive brake-travel. Read the reviews to see what our customers say about Epicene flight characteristics.


The Epicene is a comparatively simple and easy to use parachute system in terms of packing, opening, and flight. 7-cell designs made from 0-3cfm fabric (F-111) all require some experience to land comfortably, compared to lightly loaded 9-cell ZP designs, and therefore it is not recommended for student use. The Epicene is designed specifically for wingsuit use, but is suitable for other skydiving applications as well.


The Epicene is designed to make wingsuit skydiving parachute openings better, and the low-bulk material packs into a significantly smaller volume than standard ZP parachutes. What this means is that you should choose a size larger than what you would normally jump for non-wingsuit applications. Squirrel recommends a wingloading in the range of 1.2:1 for experienced skydivers. Expert wingsuit and canopy pilots may wish to fly the Epicene at a higher wingloading, but it is important to understand that the canopy‘s best characteristics can only be fully experienced at a lower wingloading. Please take into consideration where you typically jump – density altitude is a critical factor that you must fully understand before jumping an Epicene. If you skydive more in Colorado than you do in California, for example, then you must choose your size accordingly. Always be aware of changing density altitude conditions.


Although the Epicene is designed specifically for wingsuit skydiving, Squirrel testing and customer feedback has demonstrated that it performs very well for non-wingsuit jumps.


Porcher Sport PN9 is the highest quality low-bulk 0-3cfm material available. The ZP leading edge greatly enhances the Epicene's longevity and performance – during the Epicene's development Squirrel prototypes performed well for more than one thousand jumps. The Epicene is delivered with 725lb Spectra lines. No other line options are available.

See EPICENE PRO Manual at this link for minimum in-flight weight recommendations and minimum experience requirements.

Squirrel Canopy Ordering Details:

All Squirrel EPICENE PRO orders are built to order with a turnaround time of 6-8 weeks.

To place an order for a EPICENE PRO, you first design your canopy using Squirrel's design program at the link below.

Squirrel EPICENE PRO Canopy Coloring Program

  • After designing the canopy on Squirrel's web site, you submit the design details and note ChutingStar as your dealer in the Additional Notes section at the last step of Squirrel's checkout.

  • Next, you confirm and pay for your order by checking out on ChutingStar.com through adding the EPICENE PRO to your cart and checking out on our site (and earning those ChutingStar SuperStar$ Rewards!)

Detail Information

Cell Count7 cell
Fabric TypeLow-Volume
Line Types725 Spectra
Link Types3.5 Stainless Steel
Canopy Performance LevelAdvanced, Intermediate
Canopy ShapeSquare
Slider GrommetsStainless
Slider TypesCollapsible
Canopy TypeMain
Colors AvailableCustom


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Squirrel EPICENE PRO Main Parachute Canopy (6-8 Weeks)
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