Reusable Night Jump Glow Stick

Reusable Night Jump Glow Stick

Reusable Night Jump Glow Stick
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Reusable Night Jump Glow Sticks!

Night Jumps are an amazing part of any skydiver's career, and we invite you to make your night jumps a hassle-free experience with the Flexvision Reusable Night Jump Glow Sticks.

These are perfect for skydivers who are making more than just that one night jump, such as those doing 2 to get your D license, or if night jumps are a regular occurence at your drop zone.

The battery-operated glow sticks feature Positive Action Push Button Tail Cap Switches so there will be no accidental on or off situations. The 5mm LED light produces 4 lumens and can also work as a flashlight. These light sticks have lifetime of 200 continuous hours. 

The Reusable Night Jump Glow Sticks are available in red or green, and are priced per glow stick.

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Reusable Night Jump Glow Stick