TST RDS Slider

TST RDS Slider

TST RDS Slider
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RDS (Removable Deployment System) Slider manufactured by canopy swooper Bart Rogowski of TST Industries.

This RDS features light-weight stainless steel slider rings, easy-to-use drawstrings for removing the slider after deployment and lanyards for attaching your main D-bag and pilot chute.

Specific features include:

  • Low bulk 304 polished stainless steel rings, which provide a longer life than aluminum and cause less wear to the lines. These rings pack up smaller in the cocoon. Internal diameter is the same as a 0 size grommet that stock sliders are built with.

  • Single attachment system on each ring cuts down on the time required to reassemble the slider onto the lines during packing. After the slider goes through the break in period, it is possible to route the cable through the closure loop and the stow channel in one move. 

  • The closure system distributes the force of deployment very efficiently across a large area so the cables will not get strained and bent. After the deployment concludes, the slider comes down and the closure system unloads, making it really easy to remove with one hand and preventing shoulder strain.

  • The stainless steel detangler joining the lanyard to the D-bag prevents severe twists in the pilot chute bridle, which cuts down reassembly time during packing.

Made with silver ZP fabric and available only for the Velocity, Comp. Velocity, Valkyrie, Xaos, Petra and JVX canopies at this time. For Valkyrie canopies, currently only available for the 75, 79, 84 and 90 for sub-terminal openings. 

Please specify canopy type and size in text box with order. Please also specify current/stock slider size when ordering a slider for a Petra, Xaos or JVX.

Manufacturing time is 3-4 business days from ChutingStar!

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TST RDS Slider