Overdose Cookie G3 Helmet 2.0 Cutaway Kit

Overdose Cookie G3 Helmet 2.0 Cutaway Kit

Overdose Cookie G3 Helmet 2.0 Cutaway Kit
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Overdose Cookie G3 Helmet 2.0 Cutaway Kit.

The improved 2.0 version of the Overdose Cookie G3 Helmet Cutaway Kit!

The Overdose Industries non-destructive G3 helmet helmet release system actively clears the closure system from the helmet (removing both the chinstrap and the cinch-line that runs around the back of the head) completely opening up the helmet and allowing it to come off your head with the least amount of resistance possible.

Ground tests have show the helmet to come off with as little as 2kg of weight attached to a GoPro mount. A side benefit from the cutaway is a stiffened chin section making the G3 a more stable platform for cameras.

Flying in the tunnel? Just tuck the handle up inside the liner and you're good to go (though always check with your tunnel instructor).

The system takes between 20 and 30 minutes to install with easy-to-follow video instructions (below) and some tools supplied. You will need your own marker pen. Best of all there is no need to drill holes or otherwise damage your helmet!

Overdose Disclaimer
Overdose Industries LTD believes skydiving is an inherently risky activity and no amount of safety equipment or training will completely eliminate this risk. Good judgement and education is the biggest factor in reducing risk. Ensure you follow all rules and regulations from any relevant administrative body or manufacturer when engaging in skydiving; including when using a camera. If you are unaware of the additional risks created by adding a camera to your helmet DO NOT do so and seek advice from someone qualified to give it. While this product has been developed and tested to work as advertised no guarantee can be given that it will work every time in every scenario and as such you use this device at your own risk. NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE IS OFFERED AND NO LIABILITY IS ACCEPTED. This product is in no way associated with Cookie or any other helmet company.

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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

It's okay if it's a backup to the backup.... wouldn't trust it with a higher risk camera setup
I had high hopes for this system, but I can't help but wonder how well it would work in an emergency. Installation seemed straightforward in the video, though somewhat labor intensive. The installation video doesn't emphasize the need to have the long cutaway cord excess go BEHIND the padding rather than inside it, which led to about 2 hours of not being able to get the helmet to tighten and trying to figure out why I kept losing the helmet tightening cord inside the back section of padding. In fairness the video does say it, but it's such an important detail that it should be emphasized and explained. If you run the excess inside the padding there's no way for the back of the helmet to tighten against your head because the tightening line slides along the cutaway cord (since you remove the line clip for installation) and therefore no tension is achieved.

Additionally, even with my buddy yanking on my helmet I still had to wiggle my head and most times use my hands to get the chin strap to release... the tension on that cord (which is covered in shrink tube) binds the cord in the screw hole and it doesn't want to release. When I watch the video, the guy has a 4 lb weight pulling on it and the chin strap releases no problem... I'm not sure if he widened the hole or waxed the line, but I couldn't get mine to release that well... not even close. The good news is that the other cutaway line allows the back of the helmet to loosen even if the chin strap doesn't release, so you will at least be able to wiggle your head out no matter what. In an ideal scenario the chin strap would release too, but if it doesn't this still helps.

I'm going to leave it installed and use it as a last resort. I will go for the chin strap buckle first in an emergency and if I can't unsnap it I'll go for the cutaway. This is basically a backup to the backup so I'm ok with it. I would recommend to the manufacturer to add some type of low friction line and tube through the chin strap screw hole to make this system get 4-5 stars from me. Use a snag free camera mount system, and if you want to add this it's a nice backup that will "probably" help you... but I wouldn't use it to mitigate risk if you know you're adding a higher risk camera setup... I personally wouldn't trust it to that extent.
Review by Jason / (Posted on 2/14/2018)
Cool Product
Simple functionality. No installation instructions come with product. Expect to spend 30-60 minutes on youtube watching and re-watching the instructions.
Review by Sam / (Posted on 8/1/2017)
Excellent if you use camera!
Review by Carlos / (Posted on 5/22/2017)


Overdose Cookie G3 Helmet 2.0 Cutaway Kit