RigSleeve Unpacked Skydiving Rig Gear Backpack

RigSleeve Unpacked Skydiving Rig Gear Backpack

RigSleeve Unpacked Skydiving Rig Gear Backpack
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The RigSleeve Unpacked Skydiving Rig Gear Backpack!

The Unpacked version of the popular RigSleeve allows you protect and transport your rig as a backpack, even when your main is unpacked. Great for bagging up your rig after the last jump of the day. Excellent for those who like to pack their main just before the first jump of the day instead of after the last jump of the day. But can also be used like the original RigSleeve with a packed rig with extra room for storing soft goods such as jumpsuit, gloves, neck gaiters and the like.

This larger case is specifically designed for those who want additional space to store more than just their rig. Designed for versatility, it provides protection for both your skydiving and B.A.S.E. rigs as well as giving you extra storage.

For the ultimate in convenience, RigSleeve Unpacked is the perfect stash bag. It’s easy to fit your rig, wing suit and unpacked main parachute inside RigSleeve Unpacked in under 10 seconds.

It’s also a great time-saver if you don’t want to pack your chute after your last jump of the day. Just stuff your unpacked main parachute into RigSleeve Unpacked and you’re done.

When you fly commercially, RigSleeve Unpacked also makes your travel experience more pleasant by reducing hassles. Looking like a regular backpack, the case causes less security concerns and keeps your rig safely secured.

RigSleeve Unpacked also has the same extraordinary design features as the original RigSleeve. Equipped with middle and side ties, it functions as a packing mat and accommodates any packing style.

It has ample room for storage with a front and side pocket as well a water-bottle holder. Most importantly, it features a pair of unique “Handle Sleeves” which help prevent accidental handle pulling.

"This is the best rig cover ever. I travel all the time with my rig and this makes it so much easier with pockets and style!" ~ Elle Dasilva

Available in one-size-fits-most:

  • The RigSleeve Unpacked fits the smallest rigs/canopies up to rigs with canopies up to approximately 220 square feet.

Handle Sleeves™

  • RigSleeve features “Handle Sleeves™” tthat will protect both of the emergency handles. The Handle Sleeves reduce the chance of both handles being accidentally pulled. The Handle Sleeves cover around the emergency handles and are also attached to the RigSleeve.

Water Resistant

  • Made with water resistant “Nylon Taslan” fabric, that could save the rig from minor water damage. Warning: Water can still goes inside the RigSleeve from the openings, so please don’t leave your rig in the rain!

3 Pockets

  • For pull up cords or extra rubber bands. RigSleeve has 3 pockets; small side covered pocket, big front covered pocket and elastic mesh pocket for water bottle or energy drink. Basically It functions as a mini gear bag.

Carabiner Clip

  • Comes with carabiner clip that can be used to hang other equipment like helmet.

Availalbe in four colors. Select in-stock color above.

Note: Water bottle shown in some photos is not included, but ChutingStar sells CamelBak water bottles separately that fit in the RigSleeve water bottle pocket.

Detail Information

DimensionsFits the smallest rigs/canopies up to rigs with canopies up to approximately 220 square feet.
CompartmentsFour plus a carabiner.
Sizes Available


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Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

It fills a need when you don't want to carry a bag.
A little pricy, but for me, it was worth it. I ride a Honda CBR600 RR, a rocket with little room to strap on a gear bag. The rig sleeve makes it a breeze to ride to the drop zone and carry all my gear. If I were driving my truck I would still go with my regular gear bag, but if you like to ride like me, this is a great option.
Review by Tim / (Posted on 8/29/2017)
Nice idea still needs work.
Nice idea but a little dissappointed.
Quite fiddly to get your rig in and the velcro fastenings seem odd as it could damage your back pad/canopy lines over time if you dont line the velcro up properly. Doesn't really have a place for your leg straps so storing your rig in this over time is not an option as they would be bent unnaturally for the duration. After tightening the cords heaps of left over line with no where to go. I wouldn't really store any other products inside except for pull up cords and stow bands etc. Really nice idea but think there are a few things to tidy up and improve on. Dont get me wrong I'll still use this to the dropzone and back. Just giving my 2cents. Cheers.
Review by Oli / (Posted on 4/13/2016)
An essential item for the traveling skydiver.
This is the best gear bag to travel with your rig as a carry-on. This "unpacked" design is quite an improvement on their previous "original rigsleeve" design and features a huge front pocket where you can throw in your laptop or anything else you can't do without. I often travel to remote DZs over the week-end and I have had my luggage not show up, no rig to jump. With this you can keep all your essential jump gear + remote work gear with you at all times.
Review by Thomas Tango / (Posted on 3/4/2016)
Robert kraft
Best skydive equipment development to come along in a long time....
Review by Robert Kraft / (Posted on 1/5/2016)
RigSleeve Unpacked Skydiving Rig Gear Backpack