Paralog 8.3.1 Skydiving Logbook Software

Paralog 8.3.1 Skydiving Logbook Software

Paralog 8.3.1 Skydiving Logbook Software
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Paralog 8.3.1 Skydiving Logbook Software.

Paralog is the world's leading skydiving logbook and flight analysis software made by skydivers for skydivers - and BASE jumpers!

This is the latest version of Paralog, version 8.3.1, which includes the CD-ROM and license key. 

Paralog downloads jump details from all electronic freefall loggers on the market: Atlas, Neptune2, N3 and N3A by Alti-2, ProTrack and AltiTrack by Larsen & Brusgaard, FlySight Audible GPS by Bionic Avionics and Skytronic FX/GFX by Parasport Italia. Paralog also supports direct downloads from practically all consumer GPS units, adding a new dimension to post-flight analysis with concise charts and interactive 3D views.

Although being created with freefall loggers in mind, Paralog can be used as a standalone skydiver's logbook without a freefall logger. One or more freefall loggers can be added later at any time.

One year after the last release of Paralog®, a new major version has been released, 8.3.1. The focus of this release is support for the latest Operating Systems (Windows 8.x (32 and 64bit - Desktop), OSX Maverick (64bit), Linux 14.04 (including 64bit)), for the enhancements of the latest Java Runtime Environment (Java 8), a new video engine with instruments overlay and support of the latest release of the Skydiving Logbook App available for Android and iOS. Paralog supports a variety of platforms: Windows, OSX and Linux are currently supported with supplemental applications available for PocketPC and Palm OS.

Another major addition to Paralog® 8 is the integration of Alti-2's 'Neptune Maintenance Utility' (NMU), available from Alti-2. This will combine setup, configuration and update capabilities for the whole line of Neptune products (including Neptune 2, N3 and N3Audio) with the existing downloaded and display of Neptune jump logs already available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

Upgrades with version 8.3.1 include: 

  • FlySight is now a dedicated logger instead of 'just another GPS'

  • Auto-detection of FlySight and auto-load of last recorded track

  • Drag & Drop and File Drop support for FlySight tracks

  • Speed information logged by FlySight is used

  • Heading* information logged by FlySight is used

  • Accuracy information logged by FlySight is used and visualized

  • FlySight logs with 10Hz* are supported

  • Chart panning is enabled

  • Improved cursor sync between chart and cideo

  • Notes for multiple jumps can be edited at once

  • Multiple jumps can be exported to Google Earth at once

  • Added support for more GPS units, e.g. the Garmin Forerunner Series; updated place lookups

  • Enhancements to automatic logger detection, also available on OSX/Linux

  • GUI enhancements for OSX/Linux

  • Image Column shows image as tooltip; Jump Profile Column shows icons

  • Compressed PPC and up- and downloads. PPC uploads support raw tracks for dynamic charts

Main Standard Features:

  • Easily log, review and analyze your jumps.

  • Calculate freefall times automatically or download jump details from Neptune, ProTrack, AltiTrack, Skytronic FX/GFX or compatible GPS devices.

  • Download detailed jump profiles from Neptune, ProTrack, AltiTrack or compatible GPS devices and analyze them using the sophisticated jump profile viewer.

  • View your GPS tracks in 3D using the integrated 3D viewer or by exporting them to Google Earth!

  • Attach images, videos and additional information to your jumps.

  • Digitally sign your jumps to comply with the USPA SIM, Section 3.1. Paralog is approved as an electronic logbook by the German (DFV) and Danish (DFU) Parachute Associations!

  • Manage your rigs, licenses and other personal information.

  • Print your jump log with images and signatures using screen based layout.

  • Publish your jump log on the web. Additional templates for an indexed, a tabular and a drill-down view are included and can be easily customized by the user.

  • Analyze your jumps with detailed reports and graphical charts.

  • Exchange your jump log with Excel and other applications, e.g. video sub title generators (Jump log can be exported to arbitrary formats through flexible, user customizable templates).

  •  Runs on Windows, OSX, Linux and other Java platforms! (See prerequisites for details).

  • Exchange your jump logs seamlessly with applications for Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android. For a full list of features and how to use them, please refer to the online manual at this link.

A free Online GPS Viewer with support for FlySight and GPX tracks has been made available online by Paralog®. Tracks can easily be uploaded to the viewer using Drag&Drop where it can be be explored in an interactive chart or in an interactive 3D view. The interactive chart also offers comfortable editing capabilites for the uploaded track, e.g. cuting lead ins and leads out and setting exit, open and landing points for better visualization.

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Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Paralog -- NOT!
I have been TRYING to use this software for over a year now. It is total crap, and has no support whatever. It is clunky, buggy, prone to screwing up data and getting facts/figures wrong (I've spent FAR too much time correcting data that has been adulterated by ParaLog). The (many) times I have reached out for support from Klaus, he has been short, condescending, and rude. Save yourself the grief and find another app!
Review by FredM / (Posted on 12/17/2018)
Best Digital Logbook Software
I've tried a few different free and commercial logbook software programs over the years, but finally settled on Paralog. It's relatively easy to use, fast and can download data from most datalogger altimeters. I use it with my FlySight, N3 and N3A to either download data (mainly my FlySight, but once in a while from my N3A) or to update the settings/time (N3 and N3A). Software will download data from one datalogger by default. Additional datalogger license can be purchased.

The program allows complete control over the data, including the ability to edit incorrect data (e.g. forgot to turn on FlySight soon enough to get a fix on my altitude), as well as enter and/or view all the normal information you might want to capture (DZ, equip, type of jump, distance from desired landing spot, team size, malfunctions, jump altitude, opening altitude, GPS track (software opens up Google Earth to view track), electronic signatures (including signing of multiple jumps with a single signature). With the FlySight, the DZ gets filled in automatically due to GPS location. The software also allows you to export your jumps to (additional yearly fee) so that you have your log book online for others to view (very helpuful when going to a new DZ that wants to see your log book that you probably don't have any more because you're using a digital datalogging altimeter.)

The author of the software is very responsive to feature requests, new license activation, functionality questions and bug reports. However, the new license activation is not automated, so you may have to wait a day or two for him to get back with you.
Review by Zen Monkey / (Posted on 11/3/2015)
Paralog 8.3.1 Skydiving Logbook Software