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PD Slinks: Wear and Uses

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PD Slinks come in Reserve Canopy and Main Canopy versions.

Reserve Slinks have a yellow tab with an SR-1 identifier. The Spectra is thicker and longer than the main Slink.

Main Slinks have a white tab with an SM-1 identifier. The Spectra is thinner and shorter than the reserve Slink.

Slinks are used on UPT Sigma tandem drogues. We also use them on main D-bag/bridle attachments and bridle/canopy attachments to reduce metal and wear.

Inspect for wear regularly on any soft links. You are looking for damage, frays or cuts that could reduce the strength or integrity of the soft link. If damaged, replace. The bartacks on the Slinks will have loose thread ends, which are not wear, just the end of stitch.

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