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Dolphin Tuck Flaps

Dolphin manufacturer Altico, owned and operated by Mike Furry, has recently released velcroless main riser tuck flaps as an option on its containers. The cameraman of Mr. Pink, Randy Cooke, was one of the test jumpers of the new tuck flaps. ChutingStar assembled the container and inspected the new tuck flaps after every 20 jumps for signs of wear. No signs of warping, wear or damage were found after more than 100 jumps.

The new riser tuck flaps are similar in style to the older Javelins, which Furry designed as well. But the pocket for the tuck flap seems to be a bit tighter and stronger, which does not allow the flap to slip partially out and become bent or warped as some of the older Javelin flap systems were known to do. It is a well-designed system that will help reduce the amount of routine maintenance on a Dolphin.

As a member of Mr. Pink, we make hundreds of jumps on our Dolphins every year and must replace the Velcro on the main riser flaps every 50-100 jumps. The new system will eliminate that maintenance and provide a more secure enclosure for the main risers. It will also reduce the wear on the risers from bad packing techniques, which placed the risers directly on the Velcro. I advise all skydivers purchasing new Dolphins to include the velcroless main riser tuck flap option with your order.

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