FlySight Audible GPS

FlySight Audible GPS

FlySight Audible GPS
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FlySight Audible GPS. 

Now with the 10 hz update and logging as well the higher-gain antenna update!

FlySight is not your mother's GPS. FlySight was designed by Bionic Avionics Inc. from the ground up for wingsuit and canopy pilots and does one truly revolutionary thing:

FlySight provides real-time audible indication of glide ratio, horizontal or vertical speed.

If you've used other GPS receivers, you know the drill. When you land, you review data from the jump. If you're lucky, or if you've planned a very simple jump, you might remember what you were doing when your glide ratio maxed out. On the next jump, you try to do it again.

FlySight speeds the learning process.

When you change your body position, you instantly hear a change in the tone. Your brain easily connects this feedback with your precise body position, making it astonishingly easy to remember what worked and what didn't.

FlySight handles the dynamics of freefall exceptionally well. FlySight can be turned on a few minutes before exit, and begins providing audible feedback immediately after exit.

"I highly recommend the FlySight," says Jeff Nebelkopf, Chief Wingsuit Test Pilot for Tony Suits. "It is a great training tool and logs 5 points per second. Like any GPS there is about a 1 second lag time. Once you do a few jumps with it your glide ratio or speed should improve."

It's also proven be a great tool for canopy swoopers.

“The 5Hz sample rate, accuracy, and small size have made the FlySight an effective tool for swoop training," says competitive canopy pilot Dan Raymond. "I use it to track key performance metrics and to generate a detailed 3D view of the entire swoop.”

Note: The FlySight Audible GPS can only be heard with a pair of stereo headphones (not included).

See the FlySight mounts available from for secure external mounting options.

FlySight Viewer

  • The FlySight Viewer is a simple utility which produces plots of your logged jumps. Data can be imported from FlySight CSV or NMEA files produced by most GPS receivers.

Plots can include one or two parameters on the vertical axis, including:

  • Glide ratio

  • Horizontal speed

  • Vertical speed

  • Elevation

The horizontal axis may be either time or distance. This allows the user to measure how much forward movement is achieved in a given vertical drop.

Finally, the Flysight Viewer can export data as FlySight CSV or NMEA files, or as KML files which can be loaded into Google Earth.

Download requires Mac OS 10.5

Tom van Dijck's FlySight Viewer for Windows adds a Google Maps view and basic logging functionality:

Download requires Windows XP, Vista, or 7


  • If you are looking for a more full-featured package, we strongly recommend Paralog, which is available separately through

  • Data from FlySight can be imported into Paralog, where it becomes part of a comprehensive logbook, including jump details, photos, video, and more.

  • As well as producing 2D plots from logged data, Paralog can also produce 3D jump profiles, as shown in the screenshot to the right.

FlySight Audible GPS Features:

  • u-blox 8 chipset

  • 10 Hz update and logging

  • Real-time audible feedback

GPS Performance

Hot start:

  • 1 s

Warm start:

  • 28 s

Cold start:

  • 28 s

GPS Accuracy


  • 2.5 m (autonomous)

  • 2.0 m (SBAS)


  • 0.1 m/s


  • 512 MB microSD card included

  • One million seconds of logged data at 5 Hz

  • Data and configuration accessed via USB flash drive


  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

  • Charging time: 1.5 hours

  • Operating time: 2.5 to 3.5 hours


  • 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack

  • Requires a pair of stereo earphones (not included)

Dimensions: 50 mm (2 inches) x 50 mm (2 inches) x 15 mm (0.6 inches)

Weight: less than 50 g

Package Contents:

  • FlySight GPS receiver

  • 512 MB microSD card installed

  • Mini USB data/charging cable

Note: When mounting your FlySight, and also using a GoPro camera, mount the two with as much space between the two as possible as the GoPro can cause interference with some of the GPS signals being received by the FlySight.

Important Notes on FlySight Altitude Alarms

There are a couple of ways to get altitude indication with the FlySight:

  • Up to 10 altitude alarms can be configured, either as beeps or it can play a file at that altitude.

  • With the latest firmware, there is also an "altitude mode" which will call out altitude at fixed intervals above 1500 m.

There are a couple of big caveats with both of these:

  • Both indicate "geometric altitude", which is the true altitude above ground. Most altimeters measure pressure and then convert this to altitude by assuming a standard atmospheric model, but this can result in 5-10% differences compared to the true altitude. The situation here isn't quite as simple as "geometric is more accurate", since, e.g., aircraft use barometric altimeters, so flight levels are defined in terms of barometric altitude.

  • The user must manually configure the dropzone elevation.

  • Finally, these altitude indications are intended as a secondary source of information only--e.g., they are useful for wingsuit competitors to indicate the top/bottom of the competition window. They should never be used for life-saving purposes, for a few reasons, e.g., a GPS can lose signal; the user's earphone could fall out or fail in some other way; the unit could be configured with an incorrect dropzone elevation. For all of these reasons, we strongly recommend that FlySight should not be used, e.g., to indicate break-off or pull altitude.

FlySight User Manual

Detail Information

Alarm TypeFreefall alarms only
Battery TypeRechargeable
Data LogOne million seconds of logged data at 5 Hz
Downloadable InfoAdded software optional, Mac, Windows, Yes
Feet or MetersSettings for Feet and Meters
FunctionAltimeter only
Protective Case AvailableNo
Replaceable LensNo
Saveable ProfilesYes
Visual PortNo
Water ResistantNo
WearabilityExterior helmet mount available
Night Jump GlowNo
SizeOne Size Fits All


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Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

Overall good product, must-have for CP
Bought this for canopy training. It's definitely an incredibly helpful tool for my progression. I did run into issue of it not working, but was able to fix the issue after contacting the customer support that responded quickly.
Review by Dave / (Posted on 3/25/2020)
Broke easily. Hoping they fix it.
I used this for about 50 jumps and the switch broke. There was no impact, it just broke due to normal use. I have contacted the company and waiting to see what they say.

While it was working, it did exactly what I wanted it to. I hope I can change this review to 5*'s x 3, if they are willing to fix my problem
Review by BBAG / (Posted on 12/17/2018)
Highly effective gadget in a skydiver's arsenal
An amazing tech product - simple yet super effective! Be it wing suiting flights, tracking jumps or swooping, you can easily configure the device with various settings based on your activity. Your progression can be much faster by analyzing the flight data. The beta firmware has some new features where you can hear voice sounds during the flight.
Review by saj / (Posted on 11/11/2016)
Great tool to improve your glide ratio, speed or fall rate in a tracking or wingsuit.
Fantastic tool to improve your glide ratio, speed or fall rate in a tracking or wingsuit. The realtime feedback and review tool are great. A must for any jumper who wants to fine tune his/her performance.
Review by olee / (Posted on 11/7/2015)
Great GPS Altimeter - not just for wingsuiting
I bought my FlySight for wingsuiting, but use it for all my jumps. I like the accuracy, the GPS integration with Paralog software (so I don't have to enter the DZ, it knows where I jumped), the ease of accessing the files, the configurable nature of the device. The only problem I've had is updating the firmware.
Review by Zen Monkey / (Posted on 11/3/2015)
Awesome toy!
I love my flysight!
That simply is the easiest way to describe my feelings towards this little thing..
Being able to get feedback while flying is a great training tool, specially when you get stuck wingsuiting alone from time to time..
The PPC (Paralog Performance Competition) is also great fun to take part in, to compare your own flights with others around the world..

All in all, i fun little gadget..
Review by Mads / (Posted on 10/10/2013)


FlySight Audible GPS