Dekunu One SmartAlti GPS Altimeter

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Dekunu One SmartAlti GPS Altimeter
Dekunu One SmartAlti GPS Altimeter

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    Dekunu One SmartAlti GPS Skydiving Altimeter.

    Say hello to the future of altimeters.

    Dekunu’s goal is to create a device that seamlessly threads information and awareness into skydiving. A device so intelligent it collects and interprets key insights from your jumps. With One, that goal is becoming a reality.

    Much more than just an altimeter. It’s a super accurate alti, 3D location tracker, flight analyser and a situational awareness engine with big data insights. This and more - all rolled into One.

    Know More
    One is the altimeter you'll look back at and wonder how you jumped without it. Sophisticated GPS and other telemetry you used to only have access to when you sat next to the pilot. Plane and canopy flight data in real time, on your wrist, the moment you need it.

    Progress More
    After you land, your data awaits. Freefall time, speed, glide ratio and rate of descent. Plus Dekunu innovations like jump-path mapping, G-force, and swoop and landing zone analysis.

    Challenge More
    Get more in-depth reports and comparisons by connecting to our online portal. Your flight analysis is uploaded wirelessly to our platform - get ready to take your skydiving game to the next level.

    Share More
    All your jump data is synced to our cloud - from there you can view, analyse, share and compare. Connect with a global community of jumpers, track your personal bests, and share your records and achievements.

    BASE Mode
    Turn your One on. Arrive at your exit point. Press start. Jump. High speed logging starts and the screen displays the wingsuit freefall interface. Logging stops when you land and upload to the Dekunu cloud when you are next connected. Data will be processed with the same intelligent awareness algorithms used for skydiving.

    Dekunu ONE - SmartAlti™

    • GPS tracking
    • Bluetooth and Wifi enabled
    • High resolution sunlight readable 2.4” display
    • Resistive touchscreen (works with gloves)
    • Multiple device modes
    • Ground speed and heading on jump run
    • Freefall color indicators
    • Compass direction and ground speed under canopy
    • Artificial horizon, compass and speed (coming soon)
    • Comprehensive post-jump reporting
    • Automatically updated local time
    • Multiple unit customization
    • Local weather reports
    • Wireless syncing
    • Customization case and LED colors
    • All encompassing data capture platform

    Full Tech Specs

    Device experience

    • Resistive touchscreen (works with gloves)
    • Water resistant
    • Customisable LED colours
    • Automatically updated local time
    • Holds emergency contact info
    • Messaging alerts to users from dropzones
    • Multiplayer games on the way to height (not available at launch)
    • Local weather reports with wind speed, wind direction, temp, sunset
    • Quick jump stat reviews after every jump
    • Wireless syncing
    • Remote OTA (Over The Air) software updates regularly
    • All encompassing data capture platform
    • Anti-theft security

    Multiple Device Modes
    Skydiving, Wingsuiting, BASE jumping, more to come

    Plane Mode
    Ground speed, airplane heading, horizontal distance to/from takeoff location, takeoff direction, climb rate and estimated time to altitude

    Freefall Mode
    Colour height indicators, large altitude display, user input disabled

    Wingsuit Mode
    Glide ratio, tracking direction, ground speed, altitude display

    Canopy Mode
    Compass direction, ground speed, colour height indicators, altitude display

    Find the DZ Mode
    For when you land off

    View stats, plot your canopy flight function, unlimited synchronised jumps, horizontal, vertical and path distances, opening g-forces, max/min. speed, deployment heights, glide ratios

    Artificial horizon, compass and speedo

    Post-Jump Reporting
    Jump path mapping, g-force analysis, rate of descent and much more


    • Dekunu ONE
    • Model DAO-11.2-SR3
    • DOM Sep 2018
    • Global Parts
    • Designed in Australia
    • Assembled in Australia

    Sensors and components

    • GPS
    • Wifi
    • Barometer 1
    • Barometer 2
    • 3-axis Gyroscope
    • 3-axis Magnetometer
    • 3-axis Accelerometer
    • Temperature sensor
    • Bluetooth 4.2 ultra low-power


    • Height: Feet, Metres
    • Ground Speed: Knots, Kph, Mph
    • Wind Speed: Knots, Kph, Mph
    • Distance: Metric, Imperial
    • Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit


    • 2GB Micro SD card - Class 10


    • Entirely wireless experience


    • 1800mAh Li-polymer - rechargeable via micro USB


    Elastic Strap

    Please note Dekunu One wristbands are sized quite small. Please take a size up from normal when ordering. A stretch of no more than 2 cm is recommended for a comfortable fit. The inside circumference of the wrist band when it is slack is:

    • Small 14cm (generally suited for very small wrists only)
    • Medium 16cm
    • Large 18cm 
    • XL 20cm
    • 2XL 22cm

    Wingsuit Mount

    Flexible Mudflap Wingsuit Mount designed for wingsuiters. Made to fit every skydiving rig and mudflap shape. Includes black mudflap mount plus Dekunu One bumper attachment in black. Available in a left or right mounting side configuration, with the appropriate angle to face toward you.

    In The Box

    • 1 x Dekunu ONE - SmartAlti™
    • 1 x Starter Guide
    • 1 x Hard Protective Case
    • 1 x USB Charge Cable
    • 1 x Misc Stickers

    Plus one or both of these additional items (as selected by you)

    • 1 x Colored Silicone Bumper Case and Woven Elastic Strap
    • 1 x Wingsuit mount with bumper attachment

    Dekunu Terms and Conditions, EULA and Privacy Statements

    More Information
    Alarm Type No Alarms
    Analog/Digital Digital
    Battery Type Rechargeable
    Data Log View stats, plot your canopy flight function, unlimited synchronised jumps, horizontal, vertical and path distances, opening g-forces, max/min. speed, deployment heights, glide ratios
    Downloadable Info Yes
    Feet or Meters Settings for Feet and Meters
    Function Altimeter only
    Visual Port No
    Wearability Wristmount
    Night Jump Glow Yes
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    Customer Reviews
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    1. Wouldn't trust it
      Firstly - amazing customer service from Chuting Star. Ordered on a thursday. Received monday. Pulled it out of the package, super excited, and the touch was non-responsive. Charged to 100%. Rebooted twice. Then touch seemed to be stable, but ultimately I had to use a paperclip to enter my WiFi info (needed to setup). Half way through setup, crashed so hard it locked up in the bootloader. Emailed Dekunu. Their customer service agent, Tracy, was great and super responsive, but ultimately it was a lemon. After wiping the entire device, I was able to finish setup, but then touch started acting up again. REALLY disappointed with this device, but given what it's purpose is, I can't will myself to trust it at all.

      Happy ending - tuesday morning I called Chuting Star, and they rushed me over an Aon2 X2, and a shipping label for the Dekunu.

      Review by

      Posted on

    2. Features are nice, but it only has to do one thing and I can't trust it to do that.
      Have been using the Dekunu One for about 250 jumps, no longer a fan, this thing is just too sketchy, it doesn't even error consistently. I think there's still a lot of bugs or manufacturing issues they need to work out. At this price it just isn't worth it, the features are nice, but there's only ONE thing it has to do, and I can't trust it to do that. Battery life sucks, and have found it often won't actually shut off so when I go to use it the next day its dead. It can be up to 1000' off on altitude, found this out during my coach course when I *thought* I was pulling at 3500 but the instructor, twice, noted I was pulling way too low. I won't even offer my old unit up for used sale, if I don't trust it I am not going to use it and I wouldn't let anyone else either. Good idea, poor execution, not happy I now have a $400+ paper weight.

      Review by

      Posted on

    3. Not worth it.
      Sold mine after 70 jumps. Battery is terrible and the entire altimeter is just gimmicky. A lot of the features don't work. The ones that do work seem cool the first weekend, but you'll soon find yourself not logging into the Dekunu site to upload your data at all. The altimeter is excessively big and gaudy. It's uncomfortable on the wrist. The elastic band tears up pretty easily as well. The logbook readings are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off. It had me in freefall for a minute and 30 seconds from 12,000. Save yourself the money and get an Atlas.

      Review by

      Posted on

    4. Dekunu!
      Ive owned a Dekunu since July of 2018. I absolutely LOVE my Dekunu! When there was an issue with my device, the customer service has been absolutely amazing! They take great care of their customers and go above and beyond when working with any issues you may have, and try to make it right. I could write a novel about how much I love these, so try it for yourself!

      Review by

      Posted on

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