Curv 2.0 Skydiving Container

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Custom Curv 2.0. The latest and greatest by Sandy Reid and his design team at Rigging Innovations in Eloy, Arizona. 

In addition to all the latest features from Rigging Innovations, the Curv 2.0 comes with just about every "option" included in the base price.

Highlights of the Curv 2.0 include:

  • Eliminates the gap at the back by curving to your body
  • Specially designed end tabs that result a lower profile of the main container
  • Increase of 10% volume
  • More comfortable during canopy flight
  • Incorporates webbing stow band - no more losing them!
  • Stainless steel mini ring hardware standard
  • Protective BOC stowage flap
  • "Sure-Grip" handles
  • Included slider stow
  • The upper harness is built from TY-8 webbing for comfort and flexibility.
  • The leg straps are built from TY-7 webbing backed with TY-12 to preclude slippage of the stainless leg adapters.
  • Stainless steel mini ring hardware is standard for looks and durability.
  • All housings are completely fabric for looks and utilize stainless steel clamps for security
  • Optional MOJO MARD system.

The Curv 2.0 design allows a smooth airflow over the back of the rig and jumper in any freefall attitude. The Curv 2.0 incorporates the Bio Curv backpad where the profile of the backpad, instead of being straight, is curved inward at the midpoint and follows the natural curve of the back. This allows the containers to hug the back intimately and eliminate the gap between the back and the rig. This then allows for an increase of approximately 10% in the available volume for each main container size with no increase in width or length. A totally new concept is the “Bio-Yoke” configuration (Patent Pending). This design concept incorporates a secondary shoulder yoke that holds the containers higher on the back and relieves the pressure of the regular shoulder yoke with its associated webbing and hardware. The Bio-Yoke spreads the load evenly across the back and shoulders.

The fit of the Curv 2.0 is more akin to wearing a vest or backpack than putting on an older style rig. With the distribution of the weight across the entire back, the perceived weight of the system is less than the actual weight. The inside of the yoke and leg pads are built with an inside seam resulting in greater comfort. The main container side flaps incorporate specially designed end tabs that result in a lower profile of the main container.

The Curv harness has become the standard of the world for fit, comfort and strength. The 3-ring geometry has been changed to slightly lower the 3-ring location for a more comfortable seated position during canopy flight. The lower hip ring geometry has been changed to allow more flexibility of the horizontal back strap, allowing the containers to seek a more natural location on the back. The leg strap junction has been totally re-designed to provide greater comfort and security around the upper thigh. This holds the leg strap and pad in place and prevents them from sliding down the leg in freefall. This virtually eliminates the need for the “bungee” cross connector.

The chest strap incorporates a webbing stow band to replace the elastic keepers that stretch out of shape or get lost. The lower main lift webs incorporate slim line modular pockets for the 3-ring release and reserve ripcord. The pockets also protect the lift web webbing from wear, abrasion and ultra violet degradation, and allow the main lift webs to stretch under high “G” loads, preventing hard pulls of the reserve and 3-ring release.

Main risers and toggles. TY-17 risers with stainless steel hardware, Velcroless toggles, dive loops, and anti-twist cable tubes are standard. Standard length is 20” with custom lengths available at no additional charge.

Main Pilot Chute and Bridle. The standard main deployment configuration is a BOC throw-out pilot chute with a Hackey and kill-line collapsible bridle.

The BOC pocket incorporates a small stowage flap that helps keep the pilot chute from creeping out and positions the handle in the same place every time.

Reserve ripcord and 3-ring release handle. A metal mini trapezoidal ripcord handle is standard with a pillow or loop handle optional. The pillow ripcord and 3-ring release handle come standard with rubberized “Sure-Grip” fabric for a better grip under all conditions.

Slider stow. A specially designed loop is built into the top reserve flap which allows attachment of a custom designed magnetic slider stow without interfering with the operation of the reserve.

Hook Knife. A high impact hook knife and pocket is integrated into the right side main lift web cover and 3-ring release pocket.

MOJO MARD. The MOJO Main-Assisted Reserve Deployment System gets you under a reserve quicker from a cutaway than a traditional RSL.

To place an order for a Curv 2.0, download the order form at this link:

Curv 2.0 Order Form

Upload the completed order form with your online order at the file upload link.

An online designer is available for the CURV at the link below, which at the end allows you to download the completed order form for uploading with this order.

Rigging Innovations Rig Designer

Once the order is submitted, we will contact you to review the order, make changes, if needed, and talk through any remaining questions.. Payment is made by checking out online with this Curv 2.0.

More Information
Price $3,530.00
Brand Rigging Innovations
Articulation Availability Chest & Hip
Padding Options Available Bio-Yoke Curv Spacerfoam Padding
Chest Strap Widths Available Type 17 Narrow 1", Type 8 Wide 1 23/32"
Cutaway Handles Available Pillow
Fabrics Available Cordura 1000
Hardware Type Availability Stainless Steel, Black Stainless Steel
Main Deployment Handles Available Freefly Handle, Hackey, Monkey Fist
Reserve Handles Available Pillow, Stainless D-Ring
Riser Cover Types Available Tuck Tab
Riser Sizes Available Type 17 1" (mini-risers)
RSL Options Standard RSL
Toggle Types Available Velcroless
Kill Line Pilot Chute Availability Included
Hook Knife Pouch Availability Yes
Cut In Laterals Availability Yes
Name Embroidery Available Yes (at extra charge)
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Customer Reviews
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  1. Best C/H on the market; Experience with Customization exceeded expectations!
    Let me start off by echoing the description which has become synonymous with this C/H, comfort! Despite the weight of it fully packed, she's actually incredibly comfortable all the way around! She really fits as if a part of my body.

    This was my 1st C/H and I had chosen it after having performed an exhaustive analysis of the C/H available on the market today (limited to manufacturers with a significant US presence). It's bar none the most innovative C/H on the market. Nigh all the features available for the other C/H, are available and found standard on the Curv.

    It was also such a dead simple C/H to order since all of the necessary funtional features come standard, so the only things which needed to be filled out, were customization items like the handles, the PC grip, colors, your dimensions, your canopies etc. There were also few items which increased cost (e.g. Mag semi-stowless D-Bag, Black hardware, Magnetic Slider stow). Compared with some of the other manufacturers where many of the funcitonal elements have to be defined when ordering, it made this part of the process simple and relatively painless.

    RI has a neat tool which allows the user to customize the colors of the C/H so they can visualize what it is they've chosen, which helped a lot in my case given how many color options I had chosen.

    I must however give a special shoutout to Laura and RI for how easy they made adding custom artwork to my C/H (she could be seen posted on both RI's and ChutingStar's FB pages, the one with the dragon monogram artwork - artwork I own with all rights reserved), and how unbelievably well executed it was!! It ended up far better looking than I had initially envisioned! I was particularly impressed by the placement and sizing of the artwork, without distortion, precisely as I had requested.

    To say I love my Curv is a gross understatement. The moment you don the Curv, you will understand!

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    Posted on

  2. Cant get any better!
    Having ordered from Germany, I have to say that Chutingstar & Rigging Innovations did a great job. The rig is perfect. Really perfect. Even the old & grumpy instructors at our local dropzone sneak around this rig and show their affection. Superior craftsmanship! Very comfortable! I can't imagine buying another rig anymore. RI also has a great customer service!

    Review by

    Posted on

  3. Truly the most comfortable rig on the market
    I have owned rigs from two other manufacturers and can say that the fit and feel of this rig is better than the rest. The bio-yoke makes this rig like wearing a vest, the load is distributed evenly. This rig is also a great option for those that cannot decide on "options" because EVERYTHING you need is included in the price!

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    Posted on

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