The handcam system used by many tandem instructors is continually changing and updating due to GoPro cameras changing size and features every year.

For several years, from the HERO3 to the Sessions to the HERO7, the Pivot Pad handcam system by Chris Warnock of Funjump Rigging was the goto setup. But with the release of the HERO8 and then HERO9, Funjump took a break from the high cost of engineering new housings due to the lack of quality parts available for its base glove when the HERO8 was released last year.

In the meantime, X-Shut was offering a Pivot Pad Adapter that allowed those who loved the Pivot Pad Housings the ability to connect it to its X-Shut Handcam Glove, which has the added feature of a cutaway system.

Now with the Pivot Pad Glove Base completely discontinued and unavailable, except in the used market, Funjump is focusing on utilizing that X-Shut Pivot Pad Adapter for a new series of housings...the X Housings. These housings are now specifically made to be assembled and used with the X-Shut Handcam Glove, X-Shut Pivot Pad X Housing Adapter and X-Shut Flat-Mount Insert.

For now, we have 3 different X Housings available:

Funjump Rigging has a Single GoPro Session X Housing that will be available soon, and is also working on a HERO9 Upper Housing.

For the complete system, you'll need these parts:

And then one of the X Housings:

While supplies last, you can also attach the original Pivot Pad Upper Housings to the X-Shut System above:

Note: The original Pivot Pad Upper GoPro Housings do work with the X-Shut System as designed like the new X Housings do. But the X Housings do not work with the original Pivot Pad Glove Base. That Glove Base is no longer available new, but can still be found in the used market.

This instruction sheet shows the assembly process:

Here's a video showing the setup: