Flite Suit Booties

Last week’s “Rant” focused on jumpsuit booties that wear out quickly if not protected with a coating of Shoe Goo. ChutingStar received a response to that column from Ryan Gifford, General Manager for Action Air Parachutes, which works closely with the jumpsuit company Flite Suit.

Gifford says that Flite Suit’s booties are made of something “almost like a vulcanized rubber. I have about 250 high performance, skid-in landings (on asphalt) on these booties, I pack while wearing them and do most all my student training (when we're geared up) with them on. They are still doing great and are wearing like tennis shoes!”

Flite Suit sounds like they have tried to address the problem of jumpsuit booties wearing out far before the life expectancy of the rest of the jumpsuit. “The booties do rock, probably one of Flite Suit's best moves ever!” added Gifford.

For more information on Flite Suit’s jumpsuits, visit its Web site at www.flitesuit.com.

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