Zkulls iPhone iMount

Zkulls iPhone iMount

Zkulls iPhone iMount
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The Zkulls iMount allows you to mount your iPhone on your helmet.

Just for fun? Yes...and much, much more! With iPhone application "ivariometer" you can revise and record your wingsuit, canopy or paramotor flight on the google earth background...genius!

The Zkulls iMount was originally made as a custom order for the engineer of Larsen & Brusgaard. He needed it to get more technical data and information (for wingsuit flying) and he found out that this information is easily accessable through the iPhone application "ivariometer".  First he tried the application by having his iPhone in his chest pocket but the GPS wouldn't receive the needed data. This is why he needed a mount on top of his helmet and that's where the idea came from.

With the Zkulls iMount you can now receive the data and review the flights on the google earth background.

You can also get audible flight performance feedback from the iPhone using earphones (this is feature is included in the ivariometer application).

The Zkulls iMount is made from 1.7 mm anodized aluminium and the iPhone lays backside down in a padded "bed." Two 5mm tubular bungee straps hold the phone in place. The screen is completely visable when mounted and all switches are accessable.

Add the Zkulls3N Attachment System to make the Zkulls iMount a quick release mount from your helmet.

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Zkulls iPhone iMount
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