Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate

Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate

Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate
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The Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate allows you to attach two GoPro cameras to the front of an Overkill Pro. It can also be used independently if attached to the flat front of a helmet such as a Bonehead Flat Top Pro.

The Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate can be attached to the insert of your Overkill Pro. Or you can purchase an additional insert so you can do a quick change on the front of the Overkill Pro. 

The two GoPro cameras are secured through the front mounts of the Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate and further secured by a bungee strap. The mount is secured to a Zkulls Attachment Insert with 4 screws (included). A Zkulls insert is not included. If adding a new insert, check to see if you have an Overkill with a Zkulls TM attachment (gold) or a Zkulls 3N attachment (silver).

Note: GoPro cases and cameras not included, but available separately from ChutingStar.com.

Detail Information

Colors AvailableAluminum
Hardware IncludedYes
Mount Positions Available
Helmet SpecificVarious Depending on Optional Mount Sold Separately
Camera Fastening TypeScrew Mount
Hyp Eye D Pro CompatibleNo
Variable AnglesYes
Camera SpecificYes
Flush MountFlush
Curved AdaptorFlat surface only
Camera RangeNo


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Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate
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