Welded Wire Finger Trapping Fids

Welded Wire Finger Trapping Fids

Welded Wire Finger Trapping Fids
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Welded Wire Finger Trapping Fids.

These Wire Finger Trapping Fids are machined and welded. These fids are used for finger trapping all sizes of lines from reserve closing loops to dacron line.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Small. Best for reserve closing loops and micro canopy lines. 0.035 wire size.

  • Medium. Best for main closing loops and standard canopy lines. 0.045 wire size.

  • Large. Best for large canopy lines. 0.062 wire size.

Choose size above. Each order is for 1 each of the selected size of wire.

Manufactured in DeLand, Florida for ChutingStar by Jump Shack's Parachute Laboratories Inc.

Detail Information

Colors AvailableAluminum
Lengths Available
Widths Available
Threadsizes Available
Weights Available
Materials Available
Sizes Available
Styles Available


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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Nicely priced tool you'll use all the time. Better value then many others on market.
I see a lot of finger trapping tools going for $25-$30 each at other drop shops so it's great to be able to get these for $14. They are just as durable and easy to use as others on the market and the thinnest one is really nice and thin for easy use on small cords.

Sure, you can make your own, but these cost low enough that I prefer to pay for them and have something that looks nice and is easier to clean then a wooden dowel diy version. Very simple to keep dirt and grease free since they are all metal. Low profile as well so they don't take up much space in your rigging bag.

The metal wire is durable and you won't have issues with it bending on you. I'm kinda rough on tools and I haven't had these guys bend after months of use.
Review by Ellen / (Posted on 7/1/2019)
Really practice :-)
Really practice but a little expensive :-(
Thanks for this products !
Review by Alexandre / (Posted on 12/11/2017)
Little pricey but they are great
I felt they are a little pricey for what they are, but they look many times more professional, and seem to be more durable than I have seen most other home-made ones.
Review by Adam / (Posted on 11/6/2015)
Welded Wire Finger Trapping Fids
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