Vigil AAD IR Download Box + Software

Vigil AAD IR Download Box + Software

Vigil AAD IR Download Box + Software
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Vigil AAD IR Download Box + Software.

Works with all Vigil, Vigil II and Vigil 2+ AAD units.

The Vigil® is the only AAD on the market that has a readable data recorder function (black box), which is accessible to its user. The unit memorizes the last 16 minutes of freefall time (with a maximum of 16 graphs, whichever is reached first), the total time in freefall and the total number of jumps.

This accessory allows, for the first time in the history of AAD’s, the download of the jump information to the computer by the user. A new Vigil® setting can be transferred from the computer to the unit.

The IR Download Box of your “Guardian Angel” is easy to install on all computers on the market (with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 98, 2000… as well as with MAC OS with Virtual Machine) thanks to the drivers recorded on the installation CD. The IR Download Box is connected to the computer via a standard USB connection.


  • Last 16 minutes of free fall jumps recorded in memory

  • One detailed graph per jump ( Max. 16)

  • Standard 2.0 USB connection

  • The settings of the Vigil® can be modified through the I.R Connection

  • Modes, Alt Cor, Units, Meters/Feet, etc.

This IR Download Box and the Vigil® Download Software 2.33, is an accessory created by A.A.D. n.v./s.a. The current manual, at this link, is valid for every Vigil® Download Software version from 2.33 or higher.

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Vigil AAD IR Download Box + Software
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