Used Glide 50/90 Skydiving Container, 5'6" 165 lbs.

Used Glide 50/90 Skydiving Container, 5'6" 165 lbs.

Used Glide 50/90 Skydiving Container, 5'6" 165 lbs.
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Used Glide 50/90 Skydiving Container, 5'6" 165 lbs.

This used Glide has approximately 200 jumps on it. It is SN 2226 and was manufactured 04/14. The 50/90 size is made for reserve canopies in the 193-218 size and main canopies in the 210-230 size. See the full Glide sizing chart at this link. This container originally had a Pilot 210, NANO 218 and m2 AAD.

Note: This is the container only. Canopies and AAD are not included.

The previous owner had these body measurements (see the data label photo for other container measurement info):

  • 5'6"

  • 165 pounds

  • 40" chest

  • 15" torso

  • 36.5" waist

  • 25" thigh

  • 31" inseam

The container is in great condition with just minor dirt and minor wear consistent with 200 jumps. No repairs to the container, and no repairs needed at this time.

Options built into this rig include:

  • Hip/chest rings

  • Kush padding

  • Stainless steel hardware

  • Freefly Nub main pilot chute handle

  • Collapsible main pilot chute

  • Fit Right Soft Reserve Handle with Thumb Loop

  • RSL

  • Peregrine/Glide embroidery

  • Spandex BOC Pouch

  • Includes all related harness/container parts that came new with the original container (main d-bag, main pilot chute, main risers, reserve pilot chute and reserve freebag)

Ready to be assembled to canopies and jumped!

Detail Information

Articulation AvailabilityChest & Hip
Padding Options AvailableKUSH Padding
Chest Strap Widths AvailableType 8 Wide 1 23/32"
Cutaway Handles AvailablePillow
External AAD WindowYes
Fabrics AvailableCordura 1000
Hardware Type AvailabilityBlack Stainless Steel
Main Deployment Handles AvailableFreefly Handle
Reserve Handles AvailablePillow
Riser Cover Types AvailableTuck Tab
Riser Hard Cable HousingsYes
Riser Sizes AvailableType 17 1" (mini-risers)
RSL OptionsStandard RSL
Toggle Types AvailableVelcroless
Kill Line Pilot Chute AvailabilityIncluded
Hook Knife Pouch AvailabilityNo
Cut In Laterals AvailabilityNo
Name Embroidery AvailableNo


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Used Glide 50/90 Skydiving Container, 5'6" 165 lbs.