UPT Sigma Tandem Type 7 Velcroless Main Risers

UPT Sigma Tandem Type 7 Velcroless Main Risers

UPT Sigma Tandem Type 7 Velcroless Main Risers
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UPT Sigma/Micro Sigma Type 7 Velcroless Main Risers.

Replace your worn out old Velcro Tandem Risers today!

Factory replacement parts from United Parachute Technologies for the Sigma and Micro Sigma Tandem containers stocked by ChutingStar.

This set of main tandem risers are the latest design from Bill Booth and UPT with velcroless Main and Secondary toggles. Toggles secured with snap and tuck.

Available in lengths of 22" and 25". The 25" was the standard length until 2016. At the beginning of 2016, UPT changed it's standard size to 22" for Sigma risers. This is to allow the TI better access to the slider to ensure an easier collapse via the drawstrings. UPT recommends that the slider be collapsed on all jumps to extend the life of the suspension lines. The 25" length is also still available for those who want and/or prefer the longer riser length.

To determine whether your risers are 25" or 22" inches (other than measuring them) is by looking at the confluence wrap. The new shorter length will have a smoke (dark grey) confluence wrap and the older longer length will be black.

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UPT Sigma Tandem Type 7 Velcroless Main Risers
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