UPT Reserve Pilot Chute

UPT Reserve Pilot Chute

UPT Reserve Pilot Chute
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UPT Reserve Pilot Chute.

The latest UPT Reserve Pilot Chute for Sport Vector (Micron, M-Series and Student SE), Sigma Tandem and Micro Sigma Tandem containers. Available in two cap sizes. This is the reserve pilot chute manufactured by United Parachute Technologies for use in all Vector, Sigma and Micro Sigma containers.

The standard size is the 6" cap, and in 2017 UPT introduced a new reserve pilot chute with a smaller 5" cap for use in all Micron containers. The new 5" cap reserve pilot chute has a red cap to differentiate it from our standard reserve pilot chute which has a 6" white cap.

The reason for the change is that it creates a more aesthetically pleasing look in the smaller more compact containers. The larger containers don't show a cosmetic improvement and will continue to utilize the 6" white capped reserve pilot chute.

Information about and features of the red 5" capped RPC:

  • Recessed grommet improves cosmetics by reducing the profile of the flaps closed over it, allowing the reserve pin cover to conform better to the container

  • Same inflated diameter and drag as 6" capped PCs produced for decades

  • Same spring as 6" capped PCs

  • Same weight and balance as 6" capped PCs

  • Red parapac top for easy identification

  • Passed all required FAA TSO tests

  • Passed all requited PIA TS-112 tests

  • Tested in V300 through Sigma sized containers

  • No modifications required to replace a 6" PC

  • Now supplied as the reserve PC for all Microns (V300-V320)

The 5" Cap Reserve Pilot Chute is MANDATORY for the V300 container, per UPT. The back side of the reserve center flap on all V300 containers is red with the following warning label:

  • WARNING: This container is ONLY compatible with Uninsured United Parachute Technologies Red Topped Reserve Pilot Chute Part Number 022-001-001

The 5" Cap Reserve PC is NOT tested/approved in Wonderhog, Winderhog Sprint, Vector 1, or Vector 2 containers, so those container will still require the 6" Cap Reserve Pilot Chute.

Detail Information

Colors AvailableRed, White
Lengths Available
Widths Available
Threadsizes Available
Weights Available
Materials Available
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UPT Reserve Pilot Chute
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