Javelin Odyssey Skydiving Container (Stock 10-12 Weeks/Custom 20 Weeks)

Javelin Odyssey Skydiving Container (Stock 10-12 Weeks/Custom 20 Weeks)

Javelin Odyssey Skydiving Container (Stock 10-12 Weeks/Custom 20 Weeks)
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Use the SunPath online order form linked below to submit your Odyssey along with your online ChutingStar order for colors, measurements and all options.
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Custom Javelin Odyssey container. SunPath's Javelin Odyssey is a mainstay of the skydiving industry. The Odyssey now has the Skyhook option.

Javelin's Odyssey container now features the Stabilized Lateral System (S.L.S.) at no extra charge. The new S.L.S. design keeps the rig against your back, regardless of your body position. This new independent lateral pad provides greater comfort especially under canopy.

SunPath manufacturing time does vary, but the company does keep a selection of stock rigs that can be built to your body measurements and options at a faster turnaround time than custom. These containers are already "pre-built" except for the harness with hip/chest rings, spacerfoam and pin-stripes. Skyhook, Phat Daddy Reserve Handle and Easy Grip Dive Loops can be added as well. Contact ChutingStar for more information or to place an order.

Standard Javelin Odyssey Features:

Articulated harness

  • Stainless steel rings at the hips and chest provide a pivot point for the main lift web. What was once a point where the harness would bind and pinch now allows for a custom, comfortable fit with a secure harness without sacrificing mobility. Available in a four ring version (hip and chest) on the Javelin Legacy and two or four ring on the Odyssey.

Skyhook RSL 

  • The SkyHook is a main assist reserve deployment system that uses a malfunctioning main to extract the reserve freebag from the container and provide a fully inflated reserve in as little as 80 feet. All Javelin Odyssey’s with a date of manufacture of February 2007 or later are Skyhook compatible.

A or V stripe on the reserve pin cover 

  • Adding an “A” or “V: stripe to your reserve pin cover or #3 flap is an another way to customize your Javelin Odyssey, add the optional pin stripes for an even more personal touch.

Pin Stripes

  • Pin striping is available on the mid flap (A-E stripes), the reserve pop top and along with the “A” or “V” stripes.

Spacer foam back pad

  • Quarter inch foam padding underneath breathable, durable mesh combine to make our spacer foam back pad the most comfortable in the industry.

Sun Path Backpad (SPB) 

  • This channeled back pad offers “standoff” between the rig and the jumpers back, allowing air to circulate, keeping the wearer cooler than a standard back pad. The back pad is available on the Javelin Odyssey in black.

Phat Daddy Reserve ripcord

  • Using the same manufacturing and raw material as our Phat Daddy cutaway handle, the Phat Daddy reserve is a soft handle with the bulk required to get a good grip in an emergency as well as another way to make your Javelin truly yours with custom colors and embroidery.

Easy grip dive loops

  • These dive loops have a design similar to our easy grip control toggles. Thanks to bungee sewn internally these dive loops remain open and ready to help you steer your parachute to it maximum performance yet stow away easily during packing.

B-12 snaps

  • For those jumpers with physical limitations, or who jump specialized gear like demo flags, that make standard step through leg strap hardware impractical.

Asymmetrical Center Flap or section 1A a different color

  • Not everyone lives in a right angle symmetrical world. Show your individual side and color your rig to suit your personality!

Extended Chest Strap

  • For all you hard core canopy pilots, chest straps can be ordered in 2” increments up to 12” longer than our standard 19”.

Ordering Info

Use the online order form at this link to submit your measurements, options and design, and to select ChutingStar as your dealer:

Javelin Odyssey Online Order Form & Designer

Follow the Measuring Guide shown at this link.

Learn more about Sun Path options at this link.

Then submit the order here by adding the Odyssey to your cart and checking out on ChutingStar.com.

Once the order is submitted, we will contact you to review the order, make any updates or changes you may need with you before finalizing the order with Sun Path. Payment is made by adding this Javelin Odyssey to your online cart with payment. Contact us if you have any questions.

Detail Information

Articulation AvailabilityHip, Chest & Hip, None
Padding Options AvailableMolded Backpad & Spacerfoam Legpads, Spacerfoam Padding, Standard Padding
Chest Strap Widths AvailableType 17 Narrow 1", Type 8 Wide 1 23/32"
Cutaway Handles AvailableLoop, Phat Daddy
External AAD WindowYes
Fabrics AvailableCordura 1000, Diamond Back, Houndstooth, Parapack
Hardware Type AvailabilityStainless Steel
Main Deployment Handles AvailableFreefly Handle, Hackey
Reserve Handles AvailablePhat Daddy, Stainless D-Ring
Riser Cover Types AvailableTuck Tab
Riser Hard Cable HousingsYes
Riser Sizes AvailableType 17 1" (mini-risers), Type 8 1 23/32" (wide risers)
RSL OptionsSkyhook RSL, Standard RSL
Toggle Types AvailableVelcro, Velcroless
Kill Line Pilot Chute AvailabilityIncluded
Hook Knife Pouch AvailabilityYes
Cut In Laterals AvailabilityYes
Name Embroidery AvailableYes (at extra charge)


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Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

Most comfortable rig on the market!
I absolutely love my Javelin Odyssey. It fits perfectly (as any custom container should), and unlike my first rig (also custom, different brand), it allows me to move freely in freefall. It goes where I go, instead of working against my movements. It's like it gives me a big Sun Path hug every time I put it on - with ridiculous comfort in the plane, in freefall, and under canopy.

Sun Path Products has some of the best customer service in the industry, and I wouldn't (and don't) hesitate to recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for their first or next container.

Thank you, Sun Path!
Review by Sydney / (Posted on 6/11/2013)


Javelin Odyssey Skydiving Container (Stock 10-12 Weeks/Custom 20 Weeks)
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