Zkulls HERO Overkill PRO Mount

Zkulls HERO Overkill PRO Mount

Zkulls HERO Overkill PRO Mount
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This is the PRO version of the Zkulls HERO Overkill Mount, and features the added front-mounted Zkulls Attachment System for easy removal/install of you GoPro.

The Zkulls HERO Overkill PRO comes with a front mounted Zkulls Attachment system installed.

This dual camera mount by Zkulls allows you to mount a GoPro on front of your helmet with an additional camera (video or photo) on top of the helmet. It comes with a solid velcro strap to hold stills cameras on heading and the anti twist solution. For video cameras, the plate comes with an anti-twist pin.

With the HERO Overkill the camera is secured with a hard mounting and held by 2 bungee straps around the body. The Hero camera box can be opened (to download footage or charge the battery) by flipping it forward. Cables can run through the plate to avoid drilling the helmet to route switches.

Add a second Zkulls3N Attachment sytem to make the entire Zkulls HERO Overkill PRO a quick release from the top of the helmet.

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Zkulls HERO Overkill PRO Mount