Wingsuit Knowledge DVD Package

Wingsuit Knowledge DVD Package

Wingsuit Knowledge DVD Package
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The Wingsuit Knowledge Package from ChutingStar includes two VASST DVDs: "Wingsuits 101" and "Wingsuits 202." 

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Wingsuits 101: Fundamental Flight Skills DVD hosted by Justin Shorb is perfect for those interested in Wingsuit jumps or who have just started making wingsuit skydives. So you’ve finished your First Flight Course? Now what?! Join world champion wingsuiter and wingsuit instructor, Justin Shorb, on...Wingsuits 101: Fundamental Flight Skills. Justin shares his experience and expertise allowing you to master the skills necessary to be a proficient wingsuiter. With this hour-long DVD, you’ll learn about the gear you’ll need, the terminology used, and the basic fundamentals of wingsuit flight. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to fly a wingsuit safely and get your flock on at any dropzone. Straighten up and fly right!

Contents Include: - Benefits and Risks of Wingsuiting - Terminology - After First Flight - Gear - Exits - Navigation - Slow Falls - Forward Speed - Stalls - Tools - Flocking - Burbles - Advanced Techniques - Safety - Pilot Communication.

Wingsuits 202: Backfly Like a Pro DVD hosted by Justin Shorb is the perfect companion to Wingsuits 101. Backflying is not only super-fun, it’s an important skill for all wingsuiters to master. Wingsuits 202: Backfly Like a Pro is the first DVD to outline and explain all of the techniques necessary to become a skilled backflier. World champion wingsuiter and wingsuit instructor, Justin Shorb, guides viewers through the entire backfly process -- from exit to deployment. He shows you how to speed up, slow down, deal with flat spins, stop a tumble, and much more. Don’t take chances in the air. Watch this DVD; we got your back!

Contents Include: - Introduction - Why Backfly? - Backflying Terms - Ground Preparation - Equipment Recommendations - Basic Exits - Body Position - Finding Neutral - Heading Control - Spotting - Transitions - Back to Belly Transitions

These are a DVD Video and DVD ROM, so they can be played on a computer as well as TVs. These are NTSC, but they also play without error on just about any newer PAL DVD player.

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Wingsuit Knowledge DVD Package