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Used MicroSigma Sigma340, VR 360, Vigil
Tony Suit 5'9" 170 lb
Used RW FliteSuit 5'9" 170lb
Almost New Comp Velo 90
Used Safire2 149
Used Phantom X with paint chip
Used Pilot 188 ZPX SN:12966 DOM:3/29/12
Used Katana 150 SN:1318 DOM:05/2006
PISA Hornet 150
Black Gath Sport Hat
Used Javelin Odyssey 5'3"-5'5",  110-140lb,  113R, 79-97 main
Used Mirage G4.1 MO  5'8"  165lb  120-135 canopies
Drift Ghost New in Damaged Box
Assembled Rawa Vision CX110/150 Side-Mount
PreOwned Floatation Device
Used Spectre 230
Used JumpShack Firebolt 218
Racer: 6' 2"  145lb. 135-170 canopies
used Cookie GoPro Swivel Curved Mount
used Para-Flite Robo Z 165 Main Canopy
scuffed Parasport Z1 Jed-A, Large, Matte Red
used FCI Maverone 250
Liquid 5 x 0.45 wide angle lens with UV lens kit
scratched Viplo FT50 Analog Altimeter
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