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Never Assembled BigBoy Infinity: 6' , 200lb,  230 canopies
Basic Seven 5'7"-5'10" 175lb: PDR106, 79-96 main
Used Cookie Ozone with Dual Top Mount XL
Used N3 Black
Used Javelin TJN 5'5" 130lb: Spectre 150, PDR126, Cypres2  (09/12)
Used Vector freebag and pilot chute
Used Sabre 107
Javelin Odyssey NJ: 6'1, 180lb Crossfire 119, PD126R
Used RWS Vector: 5'2" 135lb, Heatwave 109, Smart 110 reserve
Used Vector3: 6'2" 190lb: Stiletto 150, PDR160, expired cypres
Wings W2: 5'8" 160lb. SN 5618 DOM 8/07  109/113 canopies
Used Mirage G4.1 MX -1/2: 6' 180lb 110R, 79-90 Main
 Red Stock J3K: 5'8"-5'10", 150-165lbs SN:40794 DOM: 3/2014
Used Icarus Extreme VX 87
Pre Drilled MXV size XS
Used Katana 150 SN:1318 DOM:05/2006
Black Gath Sport Hat
Used Javelin Odyssey 5'3"-5'5",  110-140lb,  113R, 79-97 main
Used Mirage G4.1 MO  5'8"  165lb  120-135 canopies
Assembled Rawa Vision CX110/150 Side-Mount
PreOwned Floatation Device
Used JumpShack Firebolt 218
used Cookie GoPro Swivel Curved Mount
used Para-Flite Robo Z 165 Main Canopy
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  • used Javelin TJN: 5'9

    used Javelin TJN: 5'9" 170 lbs, Alpha 129, MicroRaven

    Regular Price: $2,700.00

    Special Price $2,000.00

    used Javelin TJN: 5'9" 70 lbs, Alpha 129, MicroRaven complete rig

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  • Stock Javelin Odyssey DNKY, 5'6

    Stock Javelin Odyssey DNKY, 5'6" 99 lbs.


    This new, in-stock Javelin Odyssey DNKY is made for 120 canopies.

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  • Wings 5'1

    Wings 5'1" 105 lbs, Extreme FX 99, Stellar 140, Argus

    Regular Price: $3,200.00

    Special Price $2,300.00

    Used Wings, Extreme FX 99, Stellar 140, Argus. Made to fit a 5'1" 105-pound body size. Wings W-10 SN 1656 DOM Feb2001. Bends/Kinks in reserve cable from RSL deployment. Minor fraying on main bridle inside D-bag. Chest straps and leg strap showing friction wear. Minor dirt/wear on legpads. Light fading of rig. Overall clean and in good condition for age as well as having 1100 jumps. BOC deployment, collapsible main pilot chute with freefly handle, hip rings, RSL, cutaway loop handle, metal reserve handle, cadmium hardware, UPT Vector main risers with Trulock toggles and loops on leg pads for freefly bungee. Icarus Extreme FX SN 36613021 DOM Jan01. Row of small line burn holes on left stabilizer, okay for now. Vectran lines. 1100 jumps on canopy, but only 250 jumps on current lineset. Recommend reline in the next 100-200 jumps. Patch on slider. Kill-line slider operational. No damage or repairs to canopy, but showing a light fade. Light fraying in crossports, okay. Strong Stellar 140 reserve SN 093 DOM 23Mar01. 25 repacks and 1 deployment. Argus SN 0708021103631 DOM Jul08. Service due by Dec. 31, 2012. Battery due now. Complies with all service bulletins. 475 jumps on Argus. Standard display. June2008 cutter. Select the Complete Rigging Before Shipment option to have the main & reserve repacked as well as the Argus batteries replaced.

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