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Vector V350 5' 7"/140 lb.'s withPilot 188 and Smart 175
Damaged Skysystems CamX Helmet, XS
Bev Bootie Suit 6'2" and 215 lb.'s
Used Dolphin D-5 container 6'2"/215lbs with Pilot 230 and PR 218
Returned Body Flight Exercises DVD
Opened SanDisk 16GB SD (Class 10) Memory Card
Refurbished XL PittZ Freefly Evolution Suit
Factory 2nd G2/G3 Blue Camo Visor Tunnel Plates
Used Protec with matching goggles
New In-Stock Javelin Odyssey J4K 5'11" 180 lbs
New In-Stock Javelin Odyssey J3K 6'1" 195 lbs
Used PD Pulse 210
Alti-2 Armor for Neptune 2
Used Suunto Vector
Used Javelin TJN 5'5" 130lb: Spectre 150, PDR126, Cypres2  (09/12)
Wings W2: 5'8" 160lb. SN 5618 DOM 8/07  109/113 canopies
Pre Drilled MXV size XS
Black Gath Sport Hat
Used Mirage G4.1 MO  5'8"  165lb  120-135 canopies
PISA Hornet 210
Assembled Rawa Vision CX110/150 Side-Mount
used Cookie GoPro Swivel Curved Mount
used Para-Flite Robo Z 165 Main Canopy
scuffed Parasport Z1 Jed-A, Large, Matte Red
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