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HR2, XS, Slightly Scracthed
Returned Body Flight Exercises DVD
Opened SanDisk 16GB SD (Class 10) Memory Card
Refurbished XL PittZ Freefly Evolution Suit
Factory 2nd G2/G3 Blue Camo Visor Tunnel Plates
Used Protec with matching goggles
Nitron 120 SN: 8554 3286 DOM: August 2005
Atair Cobalt 120
Atair Alpha 94
New In-Stock Javelin Odyssey J4K 5'11" 180 lbs
New In-Stock Javelin Odyssey J3K 6'1" 195 lbs
Javelin TJN 5'11" 160lb : PR 126R
Atair Alpha 104
Used PD Pulse 210
Alti-2 Armor for Neptune 2
Used Suunto Vector
Used Javelin TJN 5'5" 130lb: Spectre 150, PDR126, Cypres2  (09/12)
Used RWS Vector: 5'2" 135lb, Smart 110 reserve
Wings W2: 5'8" 160lb. SN 5618 DOM 8/07  109/113 canopies
Used Icarus Extreme VX 87
Pre Drilled MXV size XS
Black Gath Sport Hat
Used Mirage G4.1 MO  5'8"  165lb  120-135 canopies
Assembled Rawa Vision CX110/150 Side-Mount
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