The Lock Box

The Lock Box

The Lock Box
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Keep your keys and cards safe as you go on your next adventure with The Lock Box!

Skydivers, skaters, surfers, snowboarders, hikers can all feel comfortable leaving their keys behind with The Lock Box.

The Lock Box is large enough to carry credit cards and ID’s, as well as almost all types of car keys. The door to the box is attached so it can not be lost.

The top shackle used to attach the box to any location is made of cast hardened steel, which is the standard for most locks. It also has a rubber coating to protect whatever you attach it to.

Can it be cut? If someone had a large enough bolt cutters or a grinder and plenty of time, like anything, eventually they could cut through it. The box however, can not be pried open due to the rim along the opening of the box being inset. This makes it impossible to slide anything into the box.

The Lock Box: Changing the way you store your keys on the go.


  • Outside measures H 1.5in x W 3.25in x L 4.5in

  • Inside measures H 1in x W 2.5in x L 3.75in

Detail Information

DimensionsOutside measures H 1.5in x W 3.25in x L 4.5in, Inside measures H 1in x W 2.5in x L 3.75in.
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The Lock Box