Vortex Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package

Vortex Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package

Vortex Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package
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Vortex Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package.

The starting price of this ChutingStar Gear Package includes:

  • Base price of Vortex harness/container

  • Stock or Custom PD Sabre2 main canopy

  • Stock or Custom PD Reserve canopy


Substitutions of main or reserve canopies are available as well as for the AAD (see the price difference drop down boxes). Extra options for the Vortex can be added above or on the custom order form. The initial assembly, inspection and packing can also be added with a full rig purchase above.

Additional information on each part can be found in their respective individual listing on ChutingStar.com. 

The Vortex sports unique design features, making it one of the most comfortable rigs to jump. It's so comfortable that you can hardly feel it in free fall. And it's so much more affordable than other skydiving rigs as nearly every option is included in the base price.

The Vortex is now available with the Skyhook and Magnetic Riser Covers options!

The back pad yoke is contoured to the shape of your body for extra comfort. The cut out in the back pad makes the harness fit snuggly. The splayed leg straps add extra comfort when under canopy.

The harness is custom made to fit your size and measurements.

Features include:

  • 3 stow mouth lock design on the main deployment bag and the balance of the line stows situated inboard from the edge of the bag helps prevent bag spin. 

  • Kill line pilot chute is a standard feature. 

  • Dive loops and the spiral flex housings in the rear of the risers also standard. 

  • Risers are Velcro free.

  • Option of Hacky / Freefly Throwout, or Pullout.

  • Snag free closure loop holders.

  • Integrated bridle cover.

  • Strong external spring reserve pilot chute for fast reserve extraction.

  • True molar reserve bag.

  • Superior pin protection flap.

  • Stainless steel #0 long shank grommets.

  • AAD ready.

  • 4 flap reserve closure.

  • Integrated housing holders above cut away and reserve handle.

  • Wrap around harness constructions.

  • Stainless Steel or nickel plated hardware.

  • Option of fully articulated harness, hip ring harness or standard harness.

  • Secure riser covers.

  • Hard cable release housings in main risers/

  • Option of soft reserve handle.

  • Skyhook or RSL options.

  • Certified under TSO C23 (d)

To place an order for a custom Vortex, download the order form at this link:

Vortex Order Form

Upload the completed order form with your online order at the file upload link.

The Parachute Systems Vortex Color Selector linked below can also help you visualize your custom design.

Vortex Color Selector

Custom Main Canopy Order Forms can be found in the individual listing of the canopy you are choosing and then also uploaded above.

For measuring assistance, please see the guide at this link.

Once the order is submitted, we will contact you to review the order, make any necessary changes and give you the final price with options/shipping. Payment can be made either through adding this Vortex to your online cart with payment, or via phone with a credit card or by wire transfer.

Detail Information

Articulation AvailabilityHip, Chest & Hip, None
Padding Options AvailableSpacerfoam Padding, Standard Padding
Chest Strap Widths AvailableType 17 Narrow 1", Type 8 Wide 1 23/32"
Cutaway Handles AvailablePillow
External AAD WindowYes
Fabrics AvailableCordura 1000
Hardware Type AvailabilityCadmium, Stainless Steel
Main Deployment Handles AvailableFreefly Handle, Hackey
Reserve Handles AvailablePillow, Stainless D-Ring
Riser Cover Types AvailableMagnetic, Tuck Tab
Riser Hard Cable HousingsYes
Riser Sizes AvailableType 17 1" (mini-risers), Type 8 1 23/32" (wide risers)
RSL OptionsSkyhook RSL, Standard RSL
Toggle Types AvailableVelcroless
Kill Line Pilot Chute AvailabilityIncluded
Hook Knife Pouch AvailabilityYes
Cut In Laterals AvailabilityYes
Name Embroidery AvailableYes (at extra charge)


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Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Awesome Rig
I purchased this complete system in August 2017 when the manufacturer was having a great summer package deal and received it in early November 2017 although the advertisement said 6 weeks it ended up taking double which is no big deal for me. I am sure they had a ton of orders because of the price so it pushed out the dates and also I ordered a custom main canopy. With an AAD it was slightly more expensive than buying a good used rig so I went for it.

While this brand is not as commonly found as others on the dz I find it to be made of quality materials as does my rigger. All the jumpers in the loft were excited to take a peek at it when it arrived since most had not seen a vortex before. I ended up measuring myself with their easy to use instructions and it fits great. I have a V5 container and I purchased the Volt 170 main and 180 reserve. The main snivels open very gently which is great compared to the safire 190 I had previously used. I have an rsl and vigil cuatro AAD and paid ChutingStar to have everything pre-assembled. I am very satisfied with all of it.

ChutingStar customer service was great and Laura answered all my questions and included a hand written thank you note on delivery. Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of the rig, the performance of the canopy and the customer service. I cannot comment on the durability as it is new but I wanted to give everything a good ranking.
Review by Christopher / (Posted on 11/11/2017)
Excellent quality for the price, custom colors came in perfect and the container fits like a glove
Special thanks to Laura at Chuting Star for answering all my questions during the prdering process and even checking with Parachute Systems to see when my rig was shipped.
Review by William / (Posted on 10/12/2017)
Vortex Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package