Curv 2.0 Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package

Curv 2.0 Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package

Curv 2.0 Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package
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Curv 2.0 Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package.

This ChutingStar Gear Package includes:

  • Base price of Curv 2.0 harness/container

  • Stock or Custom PD Sabre2 main canopy

  • Stock or Custom PD Reserve canopy


Substitutions of main or reserve canopies are available as well as for the AAD (see the price difference drop down boxes). Extra options for the Curv 2.0 can be added above. The initial assembly, inspection and packing can also be added with a full rig purchase above.

Additional information on each part can be found in their respective individual listing on

The Curv 2.0 is the latest and greatest by Sandy Reid and his design team at Rigging Innovations in Eloy, Arizona. In addition to all the latest features from Rigging Innovations, the Curv 2.0 comes with just about every "option" included in the base price.

Highlights of the Curv 2.0 include:

  • Eliminates the gap at the back by curving to your body

  • Specially designed end tabs that result a lower profile of the main container

  • Increase of 10% volume

  • More comfortable during canopy flight

  • Incorporates webbing stow band - no more losing them!

  • Stainless steel mini ring hardware standard

  • Protective BOC stowage flap

  • "Sure-Grip" handles

  • Included slider stow

  • The upper harness is built from TY-8 webbing for comfort and flexibility.

  • The leg straps are built from TY-7 webbing backed with TY-12 to preclude slippage of the stainless leg adapters.

  • Stainless steel mini ring hardware is standard for looks and durability.

  • All housings are completely fabric for looks and utilize stainless steel clamps for security

  • Optional MOJO MARD system.

To place an order for a Curv 2.0, download the order form at this link:

Curv 2.0 Order Form

Upload the completed order form with your online order at the file upload link.

An online designer is available for the CURV at the link below, which at the end allows you to download the completed order form for uploading with this order.

Rigging Innovations Rig Designer

Custom Main Canopy Order Forms can be found in the individual listing of the canopy you are choosing and then also uploaded above.

Once the order is submitted, we will contact you to review the order, make changes, if needed, and talk through any remaining questions.. Payment is made by checking out online with this Curv 2.0 Gear Package.

Detail Information

Articulation AvailabilityChest & Hip
Padding Options AvailableBio-Yoke Curv Spacerfoam Padding
Chest Strap Widths AvailableType 17 Narrow 1", Type 8 Wide 1 23/32"
Cutaway Handles AvailablePillow
External AAD WindowYes
Fabrics AvailableCordura 1000
Hardware Type AvailabilityStainless Steel, Black Stainless Steel
Main Deployment Handles AvailableFreefly Handle, Hackey, Monkey Fist
Reserve Handles AvailablePillow, Stainless D-Ring
Riser Cover Types AvailableTuck Tab
Riser Hard Cable HousingsYes
Riser Sizes AvailableType 17 1" (mini-risers)
RSL OptionsStandard RSL
Toggle Types AvailableVelcroless
Kill Line Pilot Chute AvailabilityIncluded
Hook Knife Pouch AvailabilityYes
Cut In Laterals AvailabilityYes
Name Embroidery AvailableYes (at extra charge)


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Curv 2.0 Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package
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