Strong 26' Lo-Po Lite Reserve Canopy (12-14 weeks)

Strong 26' Lo-Po Lite Reserve Canopy (12-14 weeks)

Strong 26' Lo-Po Lite Reserve Canopy (12-14 weeks)
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Strong 26' Lo-Po Lite Reserve Canopy.

The Lo-Po Lite is a smaller, lighter emergency canopy that still features all of the strength, performance, and durability that Strong canopies are known for. Lighter weight than other emergency canopies, Lo-Po Lite packs up significantly smaller. A perfect companion to AcroPro, the smallest and lightest Para-Cushion, it's a perfect fit for smaller Pilots and Passengers with a system weight of 15 ½ lbs.

Lo-Po Lite Canopy comes with:

  • Canopy

  • Lines

  • Toggles

TSO - C23b

  • Canopy Shape Conical

  • Canopy Material 30-50 cfm (PIA-C-44378d)

  • Size 26'

  • Turn Speed Approx. 7 sec

  • Number of Gores 22

  • Forward Speed 6-8 mph (10-12 km/h)

  • Line Length 18'

  • Opening Time 1.6 - 2.9 sec

  • Panels Per Gore 3

  • Rate of Descent 20.5 fps @ 155 lbs (5.6 mps)

  • Suspension Line Material Braided Nylon

  • Canopy Weight Approx. 7 lbs

  • Suspension Line Strength 400 lbs

  • Maximum Weight 175 lbs (79.4 kg)

Detail Information

Cell Count22 gores
Fabric TypeF-111
Line TypesBraided Nylon
Link Types
Canopy Performance LevelNovice
Canopy ShapeConical
Slider Grommets
Slider Types
Canopy TypeReserve
Colors AvailableWhite


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Strong 26' Lo-Po Lite Reserve Canopy (12-14 weeks)
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