Fusion Main Parachute Canopy (Custom in 6 weeks)

Fusion Main Parachute Canopy (Custom in 6 weeks)

Fusion Main Parachute Canopy (Custom in 6 weeks)
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Fusion: Custom in 6 weeks. The Fusion is Precision's entry range 9-cell elliptical main. This canopy has been developed for the skydiver who wants a little more kick and excitement than might be found in a 7-cell, but is still relatively docile when compared to an upper end 9-cell design, such as the Nitron.

Wing loading is truly the key to the flight performance envelope of the Fusion. Depending on wing loading, the flight characteristics of the Fusion will grow from being docile and tame at the low end to exciting and zippy on the upper end, but the Fusion will always remember who is boss, and respond accordingly.

The Fusion could serve a first time buyer very well for their first thousand jumps, and with the High Modulus Aramid fiber suspension lines there will be little worry about having to change out the lineset between seasons. This high-lift low-drag airfoil will make it easier to get you back from those questionable spots.

For the more experienced skydivers flying at higher wing loadings, the Fusion can still kick up enough attitude to even satisfy those old-timers who used to fly the blade courses with their pocket rockets.

Available in sizes of 98, 108, 120, 135, 150, 175, 190, 210 and 230.

Note size and/or stock identifier. For custom colors, submit your custom order form via e-mail to gear@chutingstar.com or fax at 770-445-4099.

Detail Information

Cell Count9 cell
Fabric TypeZP
Line Types350 HMA
Link TypesSoft Links
Canopy Performance LevelNovice
Canopy ShapeSemi-Elliptical
Slider GrommetsNickel Plated
Slider TypesCollapsible
Canopy TypeMain
Colors Available


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Fusion Main Parachute Canopy (Custom in 6 weeks)
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