Ragged Mounts Wingsuit Friendly Camera Smoke Foot Mount

Ragged Mounts Wingsuit Friendly Camera Smoke Foot Mount

Ragged Mounts Wingsuit Friendly Camera Smoke Foot Mount
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Ragged Mounts Wingsuit Friendly Camera Smoke Foot Mount.

The Ragged Mounts wingsuit friendly camera / smoke mount with cutaway gives you all the great views you have been looking for plus the added bonus of an attachable plate. The removable side plate can handle 1 or 2 smoke grenades. Or you can take the plate off and get your footage by mounting your camera at the attachment hole.

The base mount is pre-drilled to mount the GoPro Quick Release Tripod Base Clip (available separately here). The same pre-drilled holes allow attachment of the smoke grenade plate.

Features an heavy duty aluminum base with Velcro strapping to secure to the base of your shoe. Available in left foot (standard) or right foot (non standard).

Attachment hardware for the connection between the foot mount and plate is included.

Note: The GoPro Tripod Base Clip is not included and neither are any clamps or attachments for smoke grenades. Most jumpers use hose clamps, which can be purchased at any auto parts store. Smoke grenades are not included, but numerous types and colors of smoke grenades are available separately from ChutingStar at this link.

The base foot mount attachment area has two holes, one square and one round, which are 3/4-inch on center apart. When used as a smoke mount, the smoke grenade is approximately two inches away from your foot, which helps eliminate or reduce suit burns and discolorations.


  • Aluminum 6061 T6, 0.093-inch thick

  • Poly webbing straps with sewn hook and loop Velcro

  • Poly webbing cutaway channel with closing loop material and grommets

  • 7x7 stainless steel coated cutaway cable

Detail Information

Colors AvailableAluminum
Hardware IncludedAdditional Hardware Options Available Separately, Yes
Mount Positions AvailableSide
Helmet SpecificNo
Variable AnglesNo
Flush MountOffset
Curved AdaptorFlat surface only
Fits Dual CamerasNo
Quick ReleaseYes


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Ragged Mounts Wingsuit Friendly Camera Smoke Foot Mount
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