Enola Gaye EG18X Military Smoke Grenades

Enola Gaye EG18X Military Smoke Grenades

Enola Gaye EG18X Military Smoke Grenades
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Enola Gaye EG18X Military Smoke Grenades for skydivers.

Available in 8 different colors!

The frontline smoke grenade without having to join the army to get your hands on the real thing. The EG18X Military Smoke Grenade Blue has been designed to put out a massive smoke cloud in the shortest time possible giving the cover when needed most. The EG18X uses the Enola Gaye Wire Pull™ ignition system.

  • Cool burn

  • Vivid colored smoke

  • Easy wire pull ignition

  • Easy to use safe smoke product

  • Fits skydiver smoke brackets

Note: ChutingStar is a registered HazMat shipper, and all smoke grenade shipments can only be shipped to you via FedEx Ground. Due to the required HazMat paperwork and carrier pickup schedule, smoke grenade orders ship 1-2 days after each order is received, and can only be shipped within the Continental U.S. to a business address. Plan ahead as rush or air shipments cannot be accommodated due to the HazMat designation of smoke grenades. Shipping charges shown online already include the $35 per box FedEx HazMat fee. All smoke grenades can be picked up in person at ChutingStar in Marietta, GA.

The EG18X is not a toy smoke bomb, it is a frontline professional smoke grenade designed to offer the best smoke cover without having to use a genuine military product. All Enola Gaye smoke grenades are non-toxic and have a sulphur-less composition, unlike cheap smoke bombs that you see on the market, Enola Gaye products are the safe and easy to use; no training is needed. Do not settle for inferior smoke products, Enola Gaye is the worlds finest manufacturer of smoke effects. 

The Enola Gaye Wire Pull™ ignition makes starting the device really simple, just pull the ring to the side and smoke starts to bellow straight away. Once started it is not possible to stop the smoke grenade from functioning.

Technical Specifications for EG18X Smoke Grenades:

  • Fuse Delay: Approx 2 seconds

  • Effect: High Output Color Smoke – Single Vent

  • Effect Duration: Approximately 50 Seconds

  • Smoke Output: 90,000 cubic feet

  • Effect Color: Smoke Color Per Grenade

  • Ignition Type: Enola Gaye Wire Pull™

  • Composition: Weight 0.61 pounds

  • Size: 55 mm diameter x 112 mm high

  • Water Resistant Outer: Yes / Partial

Blue Specs:

  • Effect Color: Blue Smoke

  • Cloud Density: 10/10**

  • Smoke Expel Speed: 10/10**

Green Specs:

  • Effect Color: Green Smoke

  • Cloud Density: 10/10**

  • Smoke Expel Speed: 10/10**

Orange Specs:

  • Effect Color: Orange Smoke

  • Cloud Density: 10/10**

  • Smoke Expel Speed: 10/10**

Purple Specs:

  • Effect Color: Dark Purple Smoke

  • Cloud Density: 10/10**

  • Smoke Expel Speed: 10/10**

Red Specs:

  • Effect Color: Red / Pale Red Smoke

  • Cloud Density: 9/10**

  • Smoke Expel Speed: 10/10**

White Specs:

  • Effect Color: White Smoke

  • Cloud Density: 9/10**

  • Smoke Expel Speed: 10/10**

Yellow Specs:

  • Effect Color: Yellow Smoke

  • Cloud Density: 8/10**

  • Smoke Expel Speed: 10/10**

Charcoal/Black Specs:

  • Effect Color: Charcoal

** Compared to other Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades.

The term “cool burn” or “cold burning” usually refers to the fact that there is no external flame produced and that the temperature of the cartridge is lower than the military and marine distress smokes (which get very hot), thus reducing the risk of fire. However there is a possibility of fire with ANY smoke grenade and no smoke grenade should be used on or near easily flammable materials without an understanding the hazards and a thought out system to manage the risks.

ALL smoke grenades that produce smoke from a wire/ring pull, friction fuse or similar ignition, produce smoke from a formula that burns without the need for atmospheric oxygen. Once ignited is very difficult to stop, until all composition within is burnt. Due to this, the grenade casing does get warm and the smoke within 6” of the grenade is hot and could potentially burn.

Enola Gaye smokes produce some sparks on ignition but no flame and so after the initial start-up of the grenade. The Wire Pull Smokes are considered “cool burn” or “cold burning” given the above definition. During the production of smoke, Enola Gaye products do produce heat but they have tried to keep this to a minimum and so the devices although they do get warm, can be held in the hand during the functioning of the device, however the heat does increase post functioning as there is a lag in the heat transfer through the device due to the insulating effect of the cardboard. We strongly recommend that anyone using Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades wear gloves.

It is illegal to use smoke grenades inside sports or football stadiums. Smoke grenade products are not designed for use in these environments and please do everything to ensure the prevention of misuse.

Enola Gaye smoke grenades have a date stamp on the cap. This date is the date of manufacture and not an expiration date. There an expiration date for Enola Gaye smoke grenades. The manufacturer says the smoke grenades should be good to use years after purchase, and actually may get better with age.

Shipping Note: These smoke grenades can only be shipped in the Continental U.S. via FedEx Ground to a commercial/business address. Smoke grenades are also available for pickup in our shop in Marietta, Georgia.

Enola Gaye EG18X Smoke Grenade Product Data Safety Sheet

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Good product
Great product reliable and releases tons of smoke
Review by Michael / (Posted on 4/12/2017)


Enola Gaye EG18X Smoke Grenade Product Data Safety Sheet

Enola Gaye EG18X Military Smoke Grenades
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