RigSleeve Skydiving Rig Gear Backpack

RigSleeve Skydiving Rig Gear Backpack

RigSleeve Skydiving Rig Gear Backpack
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The RigSleeve Skydiving Rig Gear Backpack!

RigSleeve is the ultimate rig case for your parachute. Designed for versatility, it provides protection for both your skydiving and B.A.S.E. rigs. And unlike a regular gear bag, the RigSleeve is lightweight and sleek, which makes it easy to pack and carry. 

When you fly commercially, RigSleeve also makes your travel experience more pleasant by reducing hassle. Looking like a regular backpack, the case causes less security concerns and keeps your rig safely secured. The RigSleeve disguises your rig so it looks like a regular backpack, creating a “flying friendly environment." With your legstraps tucked inside RigSleeve you don’t have to worry hitting other passenger when you walk through airplane aisle. 

Its design features make RigSleeve a must-have. Equipped with middle and side ties, the RigSleeve functions as a packing mat and accommodates any packing style.

It has ample room for storage with a front and side pocket as well a water-bottle holder. Most importantly, it features a pair of unique “Handle Sleeves” which help prevent accidental handle pulling.

The RigSleeve also doubles as a packing mat! RigSleeve is equipped with middle and side ties for any packing style.

"This is the best rig cover ever. I travel all the time with my rig and this makes it so much easier with pockets and style!" ~ Elle Dasilva

Packing Mat

  • Just like a regular packing mat, RigSleeve is equipped with middle and side ties for any packing style. We recommend not dragging RigSleeve while packing.

Handle Sleeves™

  • RigSleeve features “Handle Sleeves™” tthat will protect both of the emergency handles. The Handle Sleeves reduce the chance of both handles being accidentally pulled. The Handle Sleeves cover around the emergency handles and are also attached to the RigSleeve.

Adjustable Snaps

  • With adjustable snaps, RigSleeve is designed to hug the rig, creating slim and sleek looks.

Water Resistant

  • Made with water resistant “Nylon Taslan” fabric, that could save the rig from minor water damage. Warning: Water can still goes inside the RigSleeve from the openings, so please don’t leave your rig in the rain!

3 Pockets

  • For pull up cords or extra rubber bands. RigSleeve has 3 pockets; small side covered pocket, big front covered pocket and elastic mesh pocket for water bottle or energy drink. Basically It functions as a mini gear bag.

Elastic Bottom

  • For the legs straps! The elastic bottom will make sure the leg straps fit nicely inside the RigSleeve.

Carabiner Clip

  • Comes with carabiner clip that can be used to hang other equipment like helmet.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Regular: Rig with each main & reserve up to 135 sq ft 

  • Large: Rig with each main & reserve up to 220 sq ft

Please choose color and size above.

Detail Information

DimensionsStandard fits rig up to main/reserve of 135 sq ft; Large fits rig up to main/reserve of 220 sq ft.
CompartmentsFour plus a carabiner.
Sizes Available


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Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Discreet Travel Bag for Your Rig
Fits my Icon I4 perfectly. I did get a sleeve with a busted snap on the handle cover, but Chutingstar and Rig Sleeve were absolutely on it and got me a replacement right away. I do like the pockets and how they make the rig appear to be a Jansport backpack from afar. Material feels durable, though the sleeve is pricey for what it is- a cloth wrap. Let's be honest though, what skydiving gear isn't expensive?

I feel it's worth the money and peace of mind to purchase a Rig Sleeve and take your $7k+ investment as a carry on instead of checking it in.

Review by Jojo / (Posted on 2/1/2019)
A little pricey for what it's worth
Good for air travel if you don't mind having your rings exposed. A little pricey though.
Review by Kaine / (Posted on 8/7/2018)
Must have for air travel.
Pretty much perfect for air travel. I've used it a few times and never had any issues at the airport. It keeps prying hands off the important bits until you meet them at the end of the security line and can assist and direct their inspection of your rig.

Putting the RigSleeve on takes a minute, but after a few tries it's not a big deal.
Review by Christopher / (Posted on 6/19/2018)
Convient. Handy at the airport
Handy and convenient. The Rig sleeve helps me keep my rig cleaner and the pockets are convenient.

I especially like this when flying as it attracts less attention at security when in the rig sleeve.
Review by Tamara / (Posted on 9/19/2017)
Worked 1st try; duribility will review in future
I am a skeptic to try something new. It worked fine the first time but i will review quality more into use!
Review by Geostorm1993 / (Posted on 12/9/2016)
Really useful when traveling
Great when travelling with your rig as hand luggage and when transporting it to the drop zone. Fits excellent on my Icon Nextgen Pro I6 container.
Review by Ørjan / (Posted on 9/1/2016)
Great piece of gear
I love this thing. I've had for almost two years and has done nothing but good things for me. Packed or unpacked rig. Highly recommended. For the frequent traveler.
Review by Irula / (Posted on 1/5/2016)
Excellent for traveling with your rig as carry on baggage
I bought my RigSleeve because I was traveling home with my rig and had to take it as a carry on. It made my rig look just like a backpack and the pockets were big enough to fit the basics I needed for traveling. It protected my rig from being handled by the TSA (They were more curious than suspicious and were really understanding), and from getting dirty throughout the trip. Also, when walking to the car from the house, there was a light drizzle. I still rushed to the car, but wasn't worried about my rig because of the protection the RigSleeve provided. The reserve and cutaway pillows were nicely protected by the little sleeves that are attached to the product. I would've loved to have given all 5 stars but when packing for my flight home, one of the straps tore from the sleeve as I was tightening it down. I contacted RigSleeve and they were more than happy to send a new one to me at absolutely no cost. They responded within an hour to my email and it was after business hours. I really enjoy this product and highly recommend it. Their customer service was fantastic and would love to give them 5 stars as well.
Review by Bradley / (Posted on 7/8/2015)
RigSleeve Skydiving Rig Gear Backpack
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