Parachute Rigger Kit Bag

Parachute Rigger Kit Bag

Parachute Rigger Kit Bag
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This Parachute Rigger Kit Bag is for the "Rigger on the Go" who splits his time between home, the drop zone and/or a rigging loft.

There are 26 pockets in this Rigger Kit Bag. Made of 1600 Cordura, which is waterproof and resistant to damage and dirt/stains. Note: This is the Rigger Kit Bag only. Tools are available separately. Closed with a heavy-duty zipper.

This Rigger Kit Bag is a high-quality bag with plenty of pockets for the most common rigging tools as well as an extra pouch for all the extras.

Features include:

  • Internal mini-bag (on right side) for varying tools (2 pockets - large and flat, for carrying wires, velcro)

  • 25 carrying pockets totally for tools (molar strap pocket, CYPRES loop + silicone pocket, silicone kit pocket, lot of general purpose pockets, pocket for packing paddles)

  • Pocket for closing plate

  • Pockets for leverage devices (on top of closing plate pocket)

  • Large "under-pocket" for documentation (under tools pocket, right side)

  • Weight is 1200g, 1.2kg or 2.65lbs

  • 50cm x 30cm x 14cm (closed), 74cm x 50cm (opened, laying)

Manufactured in Belarus, exclusively for ChutingStar, by a former ChutingStar Rigging Loft student and teacher.

Detail Information

Dimensions50cm x 30cm x 14cm (closed), 74cm x 50cm (opened, laying)
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Parachute Rigger Kit Bag