UKPro Gorilla Skydiving Gear Hanger

UKPro Gorilla Skydiving Gear Hanger

UKPro Gorilla Skydiving Gear Hanger
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UKPro Gorilla Skydiving Gear Hanger. Gorilla Tough For Gorilla Weight Gear!

As it's name implies, the Gorilla Hanger is made for hanging heavy or bulky gear such as skydiving rigs and jumpsuits.  The beefy wide hook makes it easy to carry the fully loaded hanger without damaging your hand.

Slots imbedded in the shoulder keep the rig yoke or jumpsuits from sliding to the ground. Or combine it all on one hanger and hang your jumpsuit, rig and accessories together. Items can be draped over the bottom cross bar, due to the extra large central opening. 

Salt or fresh water will not corrode or harm the high impact resin from which the Gorilla hanger is molded. Rigid I-beam construction prevents the 1-inch thick frame from flexing and allows it to support over 50 pounds.

The Gorilla Hanger is a definite must for organizing and protecting expensive sports and work gear by keeping it off the floor and out in the air for quick drying and storage.

Features include:

  • Shoulder strap notches keep garments from sliding off

  • Extended handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

  • 3 inch opening accommodates bulky pants etc...

  • Supports over 50 pounds

Available in Black or Yellow.

Detail Information

Dimensions18.50 in x 1.20 in x 10.50 in or 46.99 cm x 3.05 cm x 26.67 cm
Sizes Available


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UKPro Gorilla Skydiving Gear Hanger
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