100% Reusable Night Jump Light Kit

100% Reusable Night Jump Light Kit

100% Reusable Night Jump Light Kit
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The 100% Reusable Night Jump Light Kit!

This new Night Jump Kit from Flexvision is completely 100% Reusable, with the ability to replace the batteries in all the lights, as needed.

Night Jumps are an amazing part of any skydiver's career, and we invite you to make your night jumps a hassle-free experience with the Flexvision 100% Reusable Night Jump Light KIt.

This kit is for those making more than just that one night jump, such as those doing 2 to get your D license, or if night jumps are a regular occurence at your drop zone. 

This kit includes:

  • The strobe features flexible twisty attachments on each end and can be turned on as a solid, contstant light, or as a flashing strobe.

  • Two LED glow sticks, one yellow and one red, that are tuned on with a twist-on switch. Clip attachment point on each glow stick.

  • One emergency whistle with lanyard.

  • Instruction card for battery replacements

  • Night Jumps tips card

The light weight, twist-tie strobe light that can easilly be connected to any surface for your night jumps. The srobe light uses two (CR2016) replaceable batteries.

The glow sticks 5mm LED lights produce 4 lumens. Each LED glow stick is powered by two (L1154) replaceable batteries.

The emergency whistle can be used to summon help in the dark (after landing, if needed).

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100% Reusable Night Jump Light Kit
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