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m2 Replacement Filter
m2 Replacement Cutter
m2 Closing Loop
CYPRES Replacement Cutter
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  • m2



    The m2 is an automatic activation device from MarS a.s. The automatic activation device m2 provides automatic cutting of the closing loop of the reserve parachute when a skydiver is going above a set speed and through a set altitude.

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  • Vigil II

    Vigil II


    The Vigil II is a multi-mode automatic activation device manufactured by Advanced Aerospace Designs. The unit can be set in student, tandem or pro mode. The Vigil unit has a lifetime of 20 years. The multi-mode unit can be switched from Pro to Student to Tandem by the user. The Vigil II battery is good for at least 5 years or 2000 jumps. The manufacturer requires the battery to be replaced every 10 years, but recommends replacement of the battery every 5 years. There is no required maintenance on the Vigil II unit unless an error code is displayed during the startup. The control unit, cutter and battery are all field-replaceable. The Vigil II is waterproof.

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  • CYPRES 2

    CYPRES 2


    Airtec's CYPRES 2 unit is today’s industry standard for AADs. CYPRES units have been commercially available the longest of the three major sport skydiving AAD products. Each new CYPRES 2 now includes a log book and pullup cord! CYPRES 2 units have a lifetime of 12.5 years with an unlimited manufacturer guarantee for repairs, if needed. The units are water resistant for a duration of 24 hours at a maximum of 1.5 meters deep. The CYPRES 2 also has a jump counter and does not require a battery change.

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