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ZULU (Custom in 12-16 weeks)
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NZ Aerosports Icarus Omega (Custom in 15 weeks)
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Icarus NANO Reserve
Icarus Tandem (Custom in 13 weeks)
Equinox (Custom in 13 weeks)
Icarus Omni (Custom in 13 weeks)
Icarus Omega (Custom in 13 weeks)
Extreme FX (Custom in 13 weeks)
Zero (Custom in 13 weeks)
Stiletto (Custom in 13 weeks)
Navigator (Custom in 13 weeks)
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Mamba (Custom in 12-16 weeks)
Extreme VX (Custom in 13 weeks)
NEOS (Custom in 13 weeks)
Velocity (Custom in 13 weeks)
Comp Velocity (Custom in 13 weeks)
Katana (Custom in 13 weeks)
Silhouette (Custom in 13 weeks)
Sabre2 (Custom in 13 weeks)
Spectre (Custom in 13 weeks)
Storm (Custom in 13 weeks)


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  • Nitron (Custom in 6 weeks)

    Nitron (Custom in 6 weeks)


    Nitron: Custom in 6 weeks. The Nitron is Precision's answer to the high-end, non-crossbraced 9 cell market. The company took time to ask a lot of questions and to get a lot of answers from canopy pilots across this segment of skydivers. Many staff skydivers came directly from this segment, and it didn’t take long for these guys to clearly express what they want in the perfect high-performance 9 cell canopy. They wanted predictable openings without having to worry about getting slam dunked or spun-up one way or the other. They want responsive, smooth, and predictable front riser control without churning the canopy into a wild rodeo ride. They want plenty of manageable energy at the bottom end of the flight for those consistent dreamy landings. The Nitron truly exhibits all of these finest qualities. This is one of the finest 9 cell non crossbraced designs on the planet. The Nitron is 100% American made with 100% American factory service The Nitron features HMA (Technora) suspension lines for lowest bulk and drag, as well as for longevity and durability. The continuous line configuration has no cascades, and enables a more stable trim package for enhanced performance and control. Our snag resistant collapsible slider comes standard. The Nitron is available in 8 sizes, including, 78, 88, 98, 108, 120, 135, 150 and 170. Note size and/or stock identifier. For custom colors, submit your custom order form via e-mail to or fax at 770-445-4099.

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  • Fusion (Custom in 6 weeks)

    Fusion (Custom in 6 weeks)


    Fusion: Custom in 6 weeks. The Fusion is Precision's entry range 9-cell elliptical main. This canopy has been developed for the skydiver who wants a little more kick and excitement than might be found in a 7-cell, but is still relatively docile when compared to an upper end 9-cell design, such as the Nitron. Wing loading is truly the key to the flight performance envelope of the Fusion. Depending on wing loading, the flight characteristics of the Fusion will grow from being docile and tame at the low end to exciting and zippy on the upper end, but the Fusion will always remember who is boss, and respond accordingly. The Fusion could serve a first time buyer very well for their first thousand jumps, and with the High Modulus Aramid fiber suspension lines there will be little worry about having to change out the lineset between seasons. This high-lift low-drag airfoil will make it easier to get you back from those questionable spots. For the more experienced skydivers flying at higher wing loadings, the Fusion can still kick up enough attitude to even satisfy those old-timers who used to fly the blade courses with their pocket rockets. Available in sizes of 98, 108, 120, 135, 150, 175, 190, 210 and 230. Note size and/or stock identifier. For custom colors, submit your custom order form via e-mail to or fax at 770-445-4099.

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  • Precision r-Max Reserve

    Precision r-Max Reserve


    The r-Max reserve by Precision Aerodynamics.

    During recent years our sport has seen freefall speeds increase significantly with the gaining popularity of headdown skydiving and speed skydiving events. The r-Max is a reserve parachute that is tested and manufactured specifically for these speed disciplines.

    The r-Max Reserve is made with Dupont SolarMax fabric and constructed on a framework of our own custom woven Spectra support tape that is interlaced throughout the canopy for superior strength and reliability at these elevated speeds. This network of Spectra support tape is crafted together in combination with a spanwise reinforcement system. Precision has utilized the added strength of its superior spanwise seam structure and coupled it with a matrix of lateral load bearing members from one stabilizer to the other. The powerful chordwise structure of the upper surface combines with a bulletproof spanwise structure in the lower surface and all of it is tied together with a unique line attachment system to produce the strongest reserve the company has ever manufactured, and Precision has been manufacturing reserve parachutes for over 20 years.

    The r-Max Reserve has been drop tested at a speed of 250 mph with 20% more than the Maximum Operating Weight Limitation. If you like to skydive fast, the r-Max is for you.

    Available in sizes of 108, 118, 128, 138, 148, 168, 188, 208, 228, 248, 268 and 288. Some sizes in stock for immediate shipment. Out-of-stock r-Max reserves are built in approximately 6 weeks.

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