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CSU Class of 2014 Boogie Registration
Compact Parachute Rigger Seal Press & Engraved Die
Wood Packing Paddle, 15"
m2 Replacement Cutter
Rigger Molar Strap
ChutingStar Phat Daddy Cutaway Handle
Aluminum Hanging Rig Rack
FAA Parachute Rigger Handbook
Gingher 5" Scissors
McNett Silicone Spray
Pocket Rigger Kit
Rigger Closing Hook
Nylon B Thread, 16 oz. Spool
VSE Infinity Reserve Freebag & Bridle
BOC Replacement Pouch
Lead Seals, 100
Nylon E Thread, 16 oz. Spool
VSE Infinity Main Mini-Risers
VSE Infinity Hook Knife
Cazer Collapsible Main Pilot Chute w/Hackey
Rubber Bands
AeroSports NoStoBag Main Deployment Bag
Vigil Closing Loop
Tapered Aluminum Packing Paddle

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  • BOC Pouch Install

    BOC Pouch Install


    Install/replace pilot chute pouch at ChutingStar. The spandex pilot chute pouch must be replaced periodically due to wear. A worn or loose pouch can lead to a premature main canopy deployment. ChutingStar can also convert a leg-mounted pouch to a bottom of the container pouch.

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  • Container Wash

    Container Wash


    Disassemble, wash container and reassemble by ChutingStar. Allow one week for this service. Scotch Gard protection is also available.

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  • Misc. Container Repairs

    Misc. Container Repairs


    Miscellaneous container repairs at ChutingStar. Repairs to most components of skydiving and pilot emergency containers are available. Chest strap replacements, harness adjustments/replacements, grommet or snap replacement, reserve/cutaway cable housing tacking, hard housing installation, Velcroless toggle conversion and Velcro replacements are several of the most common services. ChutingStar is an authorized Mirage Service Center.

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  • Vector Skyhook Installation

    Vector Skyhook Installation


    “Skyhook Installation” – for UPT Vector 3 and Sigma containers at ChutingStar. The United Parachute Technologies Skyhook RSL can be installed on all Vector 3 and Sigma containers by ChutingStar. The UPT Skyhook RSL automatically releases the non-RSL riser and uses your malfunctioned main canopy as a pilot chute to deploy your reserve canopy in about a half-second. This allows a sport reserve to be open in about 80 feet after cutaway. Base price is for most Vector 3 rigs. Includes parts and labor. Contact us for an exact quote.

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  • Swooper Belly Band

    Swooper Belly Band


    This Belly Band was designed for swoopers with a hip-ring container. The ChutingStar Belly Band is fed through the hip rings and then secured through the adapter. This allows the swooper to remove the chest strap under canopy and still be securely fastened in their harness. A swooper can now lean farther forward during their runs through the course to reduce drag and eliminate the possibility of falling forward out of the harness.

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