Sun Path Javelin Safety Stow

Sun Path Javelin Safety Stow

Sun Path Javelin Safety Stow
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Sun Path Javelin Freebag Safety Stow.

Replacement Freebag Safety Stow for the Javelin, Javelin Legacy, Javelin Odyssey and Military Javelin freebags.

A "must-have" for the rigger who commonly works on Sun Path harness/containers. These Freebag Safety Stows are manufactured by Sun Path Products.

Available in two sizes:

  • Sport Javelins (Javelin, Legacy and Odyssey), 7"

  • Military Javelin, 9"

Detail Information

Colors AvailableWhite
Lengths Available
Widths Available
Threadsizes Available
Weights Available
Materials Available
Sizes Available
Styles Available


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Sun Path Javelin Safety Stow