Mirage RSL Lanyard

Mirage RSL Lanyard

Mirage RSL Lanyard
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Replacement Mirage RSL Lanyard.

This is the standard Mirage RSL lanyard with a stainless shackle.

The RSL's come in lengths of 23", 24" and 25" with either Velcro along the long section of the lanyard or Velcroless along that section of the lanyard.

Older Mirages need the RSL with the Velcro. Newer Mirage containers need the RSL without the Velcro. You can open your riser cover to see if there is Velcro along the yoke (for a Velcro RSL), or if it is a tuck flap (for a Velcroless RSL).

You can add your SN to the order if you need us to verify the length and if it should be Velcro or Velcroless for you.

Mirage RSL Sizing:

  • If your Mirage has a 25" or 26" ripcord, the correct RSL is 23"

  • If your Mirage has a 27" or 28" ripcord, the correct RSL is 24"

  • If your Mirage has a 29" or 30" ripcord, the correct RSL is 25"

Manufactured by Mirage Systems for the G4 Mirage, G3 Mirage and RTS Mirage Harness/Containers.

Note: These Mirage RSL's are stocked for the Mirage containers without the Trap System. Contact us for ordering and pricing of a Mirage RSL with Trap line if you have the Trap System installed on your Mirage.

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Love them
Very nice quality
Review by John / (Posted on 7/19/2017)
Mirage RSL Lanyard
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