Sun Path Javelin Reserve Freebag/Bridle

Sun Path Javelin Reserve Freebag/Bridle

Sun Path Javelin Reserve Freebag/Bridle
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Replacement Javelin and Javelin Odyssey freebag and bridle.

This is a replacement freebag and bridle for your Sun Path container. Please note container size when ordering. Check your container label before ordering, K-series containers (Odyssey) are different in size than the standard Javelin series.

ChutingStar stocks most sizes of both the standard Javelin (Javelin Legacy) and the Javelin Odyssey Freebag/Bridles for immediate shipment.

Skyhook Bridles

Turnaround time for the Sun Path Freebag/Bridles with Skyhooks is 1-2 weeks, and must be custom ordered by contacting ChutingStar or returning the Custom Gear Order Form linked below. The price of the Skyhook version varies according to if your Odyssey has previously had a Skyhook installed or not. Contact ChutingStar for current Skyhook bridle pricing.

Please note your container serial number for Skyhook orders.

Custom Gear Order Form

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Sun Path Javelin Reserve Freebag/Bridle
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