Elastic Bungee Ball Slider Keeper

Elastic Bungee Ball Slider Keeper

Elastic Bungee Ball Slider Keeper
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Elastic Bungee Ball Slider Keeper.

This is a thick elastic bungee, plastic ball and rubber band that can be used to hold your main slider at the base of the main risers, behind your head.

The bungee length will need to be adjusted when installed on your rig. This system works with the Javelin, Mirage, Icon, Dolphin, Basik, Glide and Vector rigs.

The bungee is slid around the reserve pin cover flap and tightened near the yoke with the rubber band and ball at the center. Once your canopy is deployed and determined to be square, stable and steerable, your collapsed slider can be secured with the rubber band wrapped around the middle of the slider and hooked onto the plastic ball.

Although the rubber band should break in the event of a cutaway, this system can cause a slight delay, so use at your own risk. We urge you to make sure you have a good canopy before securing your slider in the bungee/ball retainer. 

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Elastic Bungee Ball Slider Keeper
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